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  1. Dragon76

    Zapco Amps with DSP

    Just wondering has anyone used the Zapco amps with built in DSP. I was informed that they are the same ones minidsp uses and could I use these for an active set up?
  2. Dragon76

    Sealed Vs Ported which is best for SQ

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. Dragon76


    Ok sounds good thanks a lot
  4. Dragon76


    Ok also when it comes to the raw drivers are there anything I should look for as fare as what material they use to make them?
  5. Dragon76


    Ok I mean what model should I use for a active 3way raw driver set up for my front stage. Also when u said scrap the rears do u mean I should run a midbass instead and how big would 6" be too small or should I go with a 8"
  6. Dragon76


    So I want to run a active set up for my fronts and rear my question is what unit minidsp do I want to use a 6 or 8 channel and also what model number that would be any help would be great as I'm new to this kind of set up.
  7. Dragon76

    Sealed Vs Ported which is best for SQ

    Hey Shannon thanks again for the info I will definitely have to make a trip there to check out your set ups take care my friend.
  8. Dragon76

    Sealed Vs Ported which is best for SQ

    Cool thanks for the advice.
  9. Dragon76

    Sealed Vs Ported which is best for SQ

    Ya I'm going to try my first active set up for my front and rear stage checking out what parts express has to offer going to run a DSP not sure what brand a friend of mine told me to check out a company called minidsp or maybe Zapco or Helix.
  10. Looking to run a Sound Quality system just wondering when it comes to SQ is sealed better thing ported I here if you run sealed you need more power to push the subs.