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Found 5 results

  1. I've got some stuff from my hoard of car audio that I'm certain that I'm not going to be using anytime soon and I'm fairly certain that no one I know close to me is going to need it either. So instead of it sitting and going to waste I may as well sell it to someone who can and will use it and put the money to good use elsewhere. First up: A used Audison SR2 two channel amplifier. It has all the accessories it came with and looks as though it was very gently used. I wanted to keep it but it probably won't ever get used so out it goes to someone who can use it. All the original mounting screws and the screws for the plastic cover are poked into the styrofoam and no I haven't hooked it up while I've had it. $100 shipped $90 SHIPPED Second: A used Sundown Audio SA-15 sub with D2 coil configuration. I hooked it up to play with my DATS when I first got it, it's not been on an amp or in a box. It still feels tight and doesn't have any coil rub or discoloration to the coil at all. It was shipped to me in the original styrofoam but without the original box, only a bunch of cardboard panels that were taped together and that immediately fell apart when I opened it. I will find a proper box for it to ship in before I ship it out to whomever buys it. $125 + shipping (this thing is heavy!) $115 + SHIPPING (It's still heavy) Third: Here is a pair of BNIB Diamond Audio D3 10" Dual 2 ohm subwoofers. They're brand new, never hooked up, never mounted in an enclosure and only out of the boxes for inspection and pictures. These retailed for ~$140+ each so this should be a great price. $150 + shipping SOLD Fourth: This is a BNIB Blues Audio BA1-1000 monoblock subwoofer amp. It's rated at 500wrms @ 4 ohms and 1,000wrms @ 2 ohms. This hasn't been hooked up or out of the box for anything but pictures. It's a cheap little Chinese built amp but it does have some weight to it and I would imagine it's no worse than any other Chinese amp of similar build and ratings. $100 shipped $90 SHIPPED Last but not least: Another BNIB amplifier, the JBL GTO1004 4 channel amp. It's rated at 100wrms x 4 @ 4ohms, 150wrms x 4 @ 2 ohms and 300wrms x 2 bridged at 4 ohms. This amp hasn't been hooked up at all either and has only been out of the box for pictures. $140 shipped SOLD
  2. I have for sale two crescendo bc 2000 for sale both are about 1 1/2 years old good deal power by two g31 batt juciebox, and crescendo logic...pushing 2 18" ethos strapped at 2ohm never seen below 12volt...I had to push them....got warm in this hot Kansas City weather...both will come with bass noobs and one with owners books the other might be lost during a move with both boxes from crescendo...I love these things they both went to db-r for repair but nothing major I had a bad ground and thought I blew them both Crescendo BC2000D Stable down to .5ohm on strong electrical. Up to 16.8v capable on BC2000 Remote Bass/Gain knob with Clipping Indicator. Custom tooled, proprietary Multi-piece Thermal optimized Heatsink with patent pending interlocking slide-out CNC engraved top plate. 2 stage copper anodized removable top plate. Silver plated high end hard-wired Tiffany RCA inputs and oversized 1/0 Power/Ground Inputs for efficient current transfer. Overbuilt Power supply with heavy copper traces and Military spec PCB/heavy duty standoffs for extreme vibration resistance. Manufactured using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, with many 3% tolerance components throughout. Full 4-Stage Intelligent protection Circuitry 1 Year/1ohm comprehensive warranty with 2 year/.5ohm optional extended warranty available. Rated Power Output(RMS) Clean RMS power on 13.8v standard electrical system: Ohm Load BC2000d 1ohm 2250 2ohm 1100 4ohm 700 Dimensions: BC2000: 16"L x 2.75"H x 9.5"W (at widest point) I want 550.00 for the pair or 300.00 each shipped no lower I'm upgrading to a bigger amp dd-m4a
  3. Crescendo BC2000 (2250rms @1ohm) only used for a total of maybe 2 months play time and never ran below 1 ohm. Mechanical 10/10 Physical 9/10 Amp was bought new and used for 1 month in my 79 dually and used for only a week in my new truck, 375 shipped and insured any where in US. DSS Ethos 15 D2 Sub has only 4 days of play time as of now and getting louder every day. This sub is a monster and is extremely impressive. I would put these up against almost any sub on the market right now. 275 + shipping
  4. So I've been using both equipment for a week now. I'll start with the XCON. It is in a 2 cu. ft. Net and tuned to 32 hz. It sounds amazing from higher bass notes to the low notes. Ppl can't believe its one 12 even though they are staring at it. It has a very nice deep tone with very good accuracy. The lows are INCREDIBLE! This subs moves so much air. I haven't listened to any bass so far i didn't like with this speaker. I like a lot of rock and rap. Not to mention it looks great. Didn't seem to take long to loosen up. I love it, just wish I had one more. Now on to the amp. I previously had a mtx thunder elite 1501d running at 2 ohms. All i did was Change the sub, box, and amp. The crescendo has to be more efficient. I have it running at 1 ohm and it seems to draw about the same power at one ohm as the mtx was at 2 ohm. At 2 ohm the mtx has a birth sheet saying 1211 rms and the Crescendo is 2250 rms at 1 ohm. Very happy with that. The bc2000 seems well built. The setting knobs are smooth and the rca's fit snug. It does get almost hot after hours of playing full tilt but not to hot to touch. The pair of sub and amp sound great together. Hopefully this helps someone. Thanks for reading