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Aaron Clinton

Loads of new American Bass and VFL Audio amps on the SSA Store

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    • By Travis
    • By sittdogg
      Hey guys. I finally blew my alpine type R 15 after 4 years. Had my alpine mrd m1005 running to it in a sealed enclosure. It was loud and got 141.4 db at a local comp I did just for fun to see how loud I could get. Time for a new 15 to replace it. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good 15" that compares to the type r or better that will run off that 1000 rms nicely. Many of the subs I like seem to be made for ported enclosures. I'm not against ported box but can't afford to have one built right now and I always liked the sound quality from my sealed. I want to go for a ported box in the near future but want a well built one with low port noise and tuned. Does anyone have suggestions for a sub that will run on a sealed enclosure for now nicely but even better in a ported later? I thought about a DD 2500, or American bass TNT or XFL, but it looks like neither do well in a sealed box. I been out of the car audio loop of whats good, so any help is appreciated.
    • By sps1989
      I am looking to trade but will sell if the price is right...
      I have:
      1- Pioneer AVIC-D3 double din with 2012 maps- $350
      1- Sundown SA-10 d4 with one missing terminal but has a bolt in its place- $125
      2- Sundown SD-2 10s d2 in a custom ported box- $350
      1- Memphis Power Reference 15" s4- $125 (may be able to get the other back to make a matching pair)
      2- Kicker L5 12" d4s in custom bedlined box- $375
      1- American Bass XL-10- $40
      1- German Audio shallow mount 10" s4- offer
      2- Kicker CVT 10" s4 subs in a box for a 2003 Toyota Tacoma single cab- $200
      1- JL TMA 500.1- $100
      1- Kicker ZR360 2 channel- offer
      1- Rockford Fosgate 4600x 4 channel- offer
      1- Realm A600.4 4 channel- $125
      1- Ported Probox for 1 10" sub made for a 07+ GM crew cab $200
      1- Ported probox for 1 10" sub made for any single cab truck and some ext. cab trucks- $75
      Variety of 12" sub boxes
      And more...
      Pioneer AVH-X4500BT
      Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS
      Crescendo C1000.4
      Crescendo C1100.4
      Cab over camper
      Offer up
    • By Mtopper
      hey guys i'll follow mklett's pattern
      Vehicle : 2012 chevy cruze
      Location in the vehicle: trunk
      Space available (Length x Width x Height): 36x16x24
      Subwoofer make and model: american bass xfl
      Subwoofer Size: 10
      Number of Subwoofers: 2 or 3
      Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): slot or aero
      What type of music do you like?: mostly hip hop/rap but also rock
      Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: everyday
      Tuning Freq (Hz): 33-35
      Volume :???
      Questions: i'm trying to figure out the best possible orientation, size, port, and tuning for this car.
      i have a prefab ported box for 2 tens that i've had in the car for 2 weeks and have played it firing into car with it sealed off using 1/4 ply (wasn't glued or foamed so not 100% seal) and also firing at the trunk. sounds best firing at the trunk but i do plan on competing with the car but it is my daily so i'm looking for the best of both worlds. this is the first CAR i'm trying to make loud. i've had my blazer before along with working with ramrod on his van and the yukon.
      for the box, i'm trying to do the 3 10s ported into the car. would it be beneficial to aero port through the rear deck or would it be better to keep them all on the same face? i'm going to do an amp floor behind the box so i can still use the trunk for backpacks and luggage since i do go to school full time and travel somewhere far every couple weeks with a 2 other people. my seats do fold down but do not have a ski pass. if i were to cut out some metal brackets that are not load bearing, i can make my box 40x17x24 max. there is no real answer anywhere as to what size to make boxes for xfls but after researching, a lot of people have luck using 1.25-1.75 per sub tuned to about 35hz. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
      can also just use 2 of the 10s and throw the 3rd in gfs ride but would want to use it myself if it isn't a dumb idea
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