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    Boxes in the back seat are ghetto as hell. Don't do that.
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    AQ=honda RF=cadillac if the fosgate fits in the budget i would get that over the AQ
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    The definition of SQ is to reproduce the music as accurately as possible, SPL on the other-hand is to get the highest possible score on a meter, with no regards to how well it sounds. SQL makes absolutely no sense to me, It's like comparing Blu-Ray to VHC.
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    I have no experience with the Havocs so I wont comment there. Hopefully someone will chime in with a good review for you to compare. I currently have 18" XCONS now and they replaced 15" XCONS. I am upgrading in the near future to 4 18's and they will be XCONS also. They just do everything very well. They get loud and sound amazing doing so. I have run them sealed and ported and they sound excellent in both enclosures. If extremely accurate, deep, tight bass, that will get loud enough to hurt you is your goal.....you wont be disappointed with the XCONS. The phrase SQL is a no/no on here, but I have no problem with it. Why give a SQ subwoofer a 1750rms rating if people didn't want this mythical SQL? The sub level control on your HU can give you a little of both. I think my current set up sounds damn good at a moderate volume, but when I turn up the volume up on the subs they will tear shit up.
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    You are aware that there are other amplifiers out there, right? You need to expend your horizons a bit. To the OP, I like the Cadence ZRS amp. I have been using their amps for a decade now, and they always do better than rated and are exceptionally reliable... I still run a ~ 10 year old Z7000HC (1500@1 class AB) on my Brahma in my hot rod. The ZRS amps are very solid amps, and I am actually using a ZRS6000D on my subs in my daily driver right now. It puts out rated, and then some, has a nice small footprint and doesn't even get warm. The output is quite clean too. I am aware there are other amps out there, thank you Mr. Obvious. Point is, I know for a fact that the AP series amps from Audiopipe are solid and reliable at a great price. The OP asked for suggestions on amps that would be in his price range and work with the Xcon which is rated at 1750 rms, hence I suggested the AP18001D. Being cheap (~$190 shipped), proven to do rated power, and proven to be reliable I concluded this was an acceptable solution to his dilemma. You are aware there are other things to do on the net besides troll and be a dick, right? You need to expand your horizons a bit.
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    would going with 2 15" PRs or a single 18" PR lessen the likelyhood of having to attach so much weight to the end of the spider for low tuning? Again, my size constraint is depth, not width or height, so I have room for multiple PRs.... I'm considering a 2.5cf box, a single 12" Bl on 1 side, and 2 15" PRs on the opposite side.... I'm trying to create a shallow of a box as possible... thanks again for your thoughts Linh ^ I wouldnt do that, dual 15" VMP with 1 12 is totally not necessary. one 12 to one 12 is a good fit for most applications, but a system model would be a good idea. And two pr's actually needs more mass individually that one to reach the same tune. The mass won't break it either, I'm not sure what experience Adrian has had with TC passives, but that is just not the case with these. I can give you some further assistance with the design, check your PM.