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    What is the big secret for next week?
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    3 wires added to your stock wiring. 1 from your alt to bat posttive 1 from neg to body ground 1 from ground to ground on the engine People usually run it in 4 or 1/0 gauge Don't replace the stock wiring, just add to it.
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    It'll probably be fail, don't hold your breath. Mind Sharing Why? that little added weight should not be a problem with a big ass'ed motor like that. I dont see why It wont work; though the American way is to make things the same but just bigger.
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    I say enough waiting
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    Neither are 18s, but that ain't stoppin us. Bring on the unnecessary! Snap lol
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    In most cases we dont need 18's in a wall either. Im sure there are other reasons. Maybe i should patent coils bigger then 4" since im pretty sure they will become the norm
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    My question however...why stop at 4" im sure the same effort will go into a 5 or 6" no? Whats stopping them.
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    Tell us what you got so we can laugh at you later.
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    Why ? their AA 7inch mids kick ass ! some of the best I've ever used .... I'd expect the N-sg to come out soon Have a link? Didnt know about them
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    Im hoping for some mids, or some carbon.
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    Dont worry if you cant afford it, maybe ur wife will buy it for u for x-mas. Till then share the excitement.
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