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  1. Freshh

    Fi 18" BTL N2 for sale

    Does $120 sound reasonable to you?
  2. Freshh

    Fi 18" BTL N2 for sale

    I'd certainly be interested, I've never heard an SSA sub before, but I've only heard good things!
  3. Freshh

    Fi 18" BTL N2 for sale

    Hey guys, it's time to sell/trade my beloved BTL. It's in flawless condition, there's nothing wrong with it, just I'm wanting to get something that isn't quite as loud and thinking about going sealed which you can't do with the BTL. So I am looking for either a *D2* 15" SP4 or a 15" Q + a little cash. I was the only owner of this sub and it had good electric and the only amp it's ever seen is a SAZ-1500.v2. The sub itself is NOT fully loaded, the only option I didn't include was the 'cooling' option, I did get the p-chamfer and the hi-xmax though, and I chose 'daily' not SPL. The dust cap is blue chrome. The sub is a D2 and I'm not sure if I did the 'universal' option or not, I can't think of why I wouldn't have, but again I'm not 100%. If that matters to you I can do a little more searching for that answer and probably find out for you if you'd like; just let me know. As far as price goes I'd like $425 + shipping, which includes the box if you're close (southwest MO)/want to come pick up. The box is tuned to around 31-32 hz and is double baffled of course. Also like I mentioned in the earlier part of the post, I am considering a trade. If you have any questions feel free to pm me or ask on the forum, I don't think I'm forgetting anything, but you never know. Thanks for looking either way guys!
  4. Freshh

    ATTN!! :: Julian!

    His is an SUV, is it not? Lol, I think they are talking about that Lance guy with the white ford.. and he has an older mustang.
  5. Freshh

    Fully loaded Fi x or stock SSD

    I agree, SSD.
  6. Freshh

    4th order design for 2 N2 18s

    What kind of car will this be going into? And you didn't answer the question of what your goals were with this enclosure..
  7. CCA works just fine. Sure OFC might be better, but you don't need it in EVERY application.
  8. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    It could be you HU, rca cables or power. I didn't see you list any source of power such as batts and alts. With that setup you would need xtra power thats probalky why it keeps cutting off, its drawing more voltage than you car has at this moment. U need more than Big III for that system! Actually for just having the big 3 and stock alt/battery my voltage does pretty well. It'll drop to ~11 if I have it at full blast at a complete stop, but while driving on the highway at 2.5k rpm I stay in the mid-upper 13's. Thanks though!
  9. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    All is fixed! Sometimes it's the obvious things. I took the sub out again, and reran it all straight from the amp so the speaker wire went through the port, and then I turned it on to make sure all was good and it didn't work!! Then I looked at the amp and the negative bolt/screw on the amp somehow rattled loose so there were mini sparks going off!! Needless to say I got it all fixed up, thanks guys!
  10. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    Alright good deal! Thanks again man.
  11. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    No I can move the bolt back and forth in and out of the box, but on the inside I have butterfly (something)? I think is what they're called, it basically just twists onto the bolt. But it makes sense that that's where it's bad. I'm sure I'll get it figured out. Thanks Shizzzonnnnnn! Should I just feed the speaker wire through the port and connect it that way, so I have the least resistance?
  12. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    Well, I'm like 90% sure it's something to do with the speaker wire coming from my amp to the box to the sub. Right when I moved my box it turned back on, so I shifted it back to it's original spot and it turned back off. For my terminal I'm just using like 1/4 inch thick steel bolts, was that a bad idea? Thanks Shizzz!
  13. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    I didn't install my HU or my amp rca's / remote wire. :/ My cd isn't skipping bc I was using my ipod through the dash connected to my HU. No my bluetooth isn't enabled.. Let me check the rca's/remote wire on the amp.. brb.
  14. Freshh

    Amish snow sled street racing | Very Rare!

    Haha! That's awesome. $3.62 for gas is crazy! It's only $3.05 here!
  15. Freshh

    Bass Stops

    I tried to find other threads that might have helped, but didn't stumble upon any.. (maybe I didn't search the right keywords). But either way, my problem is that my sub will just randomly stop playing, and then start again. Here's my list of equipment - btl d2 sundown 1500d v.2 @ 1 ohm all knu wiring including big 3 alpine hu The first thing I did was check to see if it was the amp going into protection mode, and it's not. The blue power light stays on the whole time, even when it's not playing. The second thing I did was check to make sure all speaker wires were still connected/not lose, and they were all snug as a bug. I'm pretty damn sure my ground is good, as the stereo has been playing for 2-3 months now with no problem, Does anybody have any trouble shooting ideas? Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.