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    My coil on my kanger went out tonight after the vaper store closed so I bought a pack of cigarettes (only because I was going to be drinking). This is the first time that I've had a cigarette in 3+ weeks and I honestly didn't enjoy it. I'm going to buy a 5 pack of coils tomorrow and now I'm certain that I have 0 desire to go back. The e cig is cheaper, doesn't stink, tastes better, doesn't make me cough shit up, and is supposedly not terrible for you. I was 99% sure that I was done with cigarettes but now I'm positive.
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    Got a chance to meter the truck. Really happy considering this is a 3yr old Q that has been beat to hell and back on a single 2k. Here is 25hz on music mic on windshield. One window down Here is outlaw style on music
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    Box is in and secured . Just waiting on the wire fron Knu.
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    This is what I meant. And no im not trolling just saying what and why i am choosing. Truthfully id rather have the evils but its just so much more when your buying 6 of them, and with the specs being so close i cant see the reason in paying more for a similar result. If it were just one id get the evil.
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    7.5 cubic feet tuned to 36 hertz 18 inch high x 46 inch wide x 26.5 inch deep CUT LIST front 36.75 x 15.75 back 46 x 15.75 top (2) 46 x 26.5 bottom 46 x 26.5 left 25 x 15.75 right 25 x 15.75 & 1 x 15.75 port (2) 2.75 x 15.75 15 x 15.75 port brace 8 x 8.25 left brace 3 x 15.75 front brace 4.5 x 15.75 rear brace 4.5 x 15.75 rear 45 5.75 x 15.75 NOTE. cut sheets sre based on 48 x 96 inch wood
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    2nd gayest thread ever.
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    Cut port and speaker cut-outs last ensures that everything lines up perfectly. Only problem with that is that you end up with a lot of saw dust to blow out of the box.
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    Aw, you missed my sarcasm.
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    Nah,dosent show in text