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    Here are the last few pics. Finally here are a couple more of my wrinkled corners. I have tried to show as much as I could about my wrapping process because I couldn't find anything anywhere about fully wrapping a box in vinyl. So I am also trying to add any tips and tricks I figure out. If anyone has any questions about what I have done, just ask and I will do my best to answer them. That is all I have for now. Check back tomorrow for more.
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    Well today I was able to get the edges on the front and back tucked in. As I thought the corners were the hardest part. I never did figure out a really good way to do them. They all turned out wrinkled. I did figure out that using a screen tool helped a ton to get the the seam tucked in. Also starting the tuck first then going back and trimming the vinyl close to the groove made it much easier to get the edge stuffed into the groove.
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    Hadn't picked it up yet. Did Sat night finally, at the farm now since my truck is still wounded. 2018 Polaris 1000 XP Sportsman base, but has all Premium options added and a lot other options. Bought it from a Polaris employee straight out of Roseau MN
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    The W is still a little tender from me disappearing for a week. HAHAHAHA
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    Finally time to finish up the second half of the bottom. I pulled the flap tight over the bottom and cut a straight line across the two pieces. That way I could match up the two pieces after the top flap was glued. The seam turned out ok. No big deal it is the bottom. Last pick was up real close. Makes it look worst than it really is. Again who really cares no one will see it once it is in the truck.Here is a close up of the speaker terminals. Looking good so far. That is all I got done the last two days. More to come next week.
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    Here are the pics. I submitted the reply too soon. Oh well. The bottom was up first. And here is where I made my first mistake. I was only going to cover half the bottom with the vinyl, but I covered the entire bottom of the box with the contact cement. Crap! At least it is not too big of a deal. As the cement was drying it began to curl the vinyl. Half of the bottom covered. Turned out great. Time for the other sides. I made a line where the box ends so I knew where to glue up to. All glued up and drying. Once it dried I stuck it on. I just realized I didn't take a pic of the side all glued up. So then I glued the top and next side on. The second pic shows the speaker terminals poked through the vinyl.
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    Then today I started the vinyl wrapping. First I made sure I had enough to cover the box. Yep there is plenty to cover it. Next I needed to cut it to the proper width. Thankfully was have a number of long straight edges at work to help with the cut, but first change the blade in my razor to ensure a clean cut. Then give it the ax. Nice clean and straight cut. Up next lots of glue.
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    Was too busy to update yesterday, so I will mack up for it today. Starting off on Thursday I got the router ready to cut the channels in the front and back faces. After fighting the first cut and mostly burning through the line( with a brand new bit), I went to plan B. This involved a skill saw. What a terrible looking line. The saw made a much better cut. Cutting the lines around the port opening was pretty nerve wracking. As you can see though it came out pretty well.