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  1. My car speakers suck a**

    Can you prove they literally suck ass?

    been busy with school. may be after tax returns. ?
  3. icon with hole in the face

    damn the C came off, or did you peel it off? glad no one is hurt also.
  4. Oooo interesting are they reliable?
  5. Blacked my gmc emblem out

    looks good. if you feel frisky, try painting it the same color as your tuck!
  6. Blown or damaged woofer?

    idk run your finger nail under the cap see if anything feels kinda lose id guess
  7. Blown or damaged woofer?

    i had my dr for 2 years and did my best to blow it. never had problems loose dust cap sounds strange.
  8. SBN March 24-25

    hahah shut up shizz
  9. SBN March 24-25

    ill be there to watch!
  10. Well, no more kitten

    I'm calling pita!!! Jp I don't care for cats.
  11. If you are looking at the same site I looked on they have it on back order
  12. another craigslist funny....

    strange http://lakeland.craigslist.org/cto/2782887710.html
  13. bld9220's first real build

    looks damn good