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  1. bigmikekc

    New Video 2011 Team SSAudio Mustang!

    i love your mustang bro! did you guys ever get tylers temporary set up playing?
  2. bigmikekc

    had my first exp. with IA today.....

    nice dude looks sick
  3. bigmikekc

    Want to upgrade from a 12" to two 12"

    This. Although I don't know about the SA's but the Skars sounded like butt to me, no where near what my ICON sounds like. the skars where probably in a bad box. i have 2 skars and they sound pretty good to me and everyone else that heres them. there not a sq sub but they sound good in a good box.
  4. bigmikekc

    subs making weird noise

    box was built pretty strong with bracing and i used alot of glue and screws, i could punch that thing as hard as i could and it would not move or rattle. port is not rattling and the subs barley move because of the power they are seeing so even if the port was weak theres not much air is blowing out of it to make it move
  5. bigmikekc

    subs making weird noise

    on some songs i hear a weird rattle noise and it sounds like it might be from the subs
  6. bigmikekc

    subs making weird noise

    ported box, no air leaks and no panel flex. gain is about half way up on the amp and on head unit i have bass boost off and EQ at 0. i posted this on another forum and alot of people where saying it might be my ground
  7. bigmikekc

    subs making weird noise

    i have 2 skar 12's and a alpine m500 wired to 4ohms(changing amp soon) and it sounds like theres a sound coming from the sub that is not supposed to. it sounds like a high pitched rattle noise and im almost sure its not my car rattling because it will make that sound when the music is not very loud and the subs are only getting 150 watts each. i will make a vid tomorrow but does anyone think they know what this sound is? if you need any more info let me know
  8. bigmikekc

    bigmikekc's build log

    haha yeah that was the deal. should start on the box today
  9. bigmikekc

    bigmikekc's build log

    well i thought i would start a build log since im about to start my first set up that should get kinda loud. i have a 1997 honda accord v6 that already has a kenwood kdc-mp242 and some alpine sps-600 speakers in the front doors running off the HU power. i will be running my subs off my alpine mrp-m500 for right now til i sell it and buy a new amp in late february. equipment going in my car: 2 skar vvx-12 1 aq1200 1 set of 6.5's (undecided) and putting the alpines in the back 1 2 channel amp (undecided) heres some pics of the subs if you have not seen them yet i will start building the box tomorrow since i have to clean this out first :facepalm:
  10. bigmikekc

    Sub/Amp Trade in Program!

    i had no problems sending emails. as soon as i sent a email i would get a reply within a hour or so. i traded my subs in and got my skars and they look really nice!
  11. bigmikekc

    got some new subs today

    a alpine type r 10 and a interfire 15 plus 20 bucks
  12. bigmikekc

    got some new subs today

    i really did get them for 20 bucks i did the trade your old subs for new skar subs deal
  13. bigmikekc

    got some new subs today

    i got these for 20 bucks new!!! haha
  14. bigmikekc

    got some new subs today

    fedex dropped these bad boys off at my door today as soon as i get a amp i will install them. im looking at a aq1200d if anyone has one for sale let me know. im not really ready to buy right now just looking at prices
  15. bigmikekc

    need help with a box design

    haha ok i will look into that