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    Walled 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage
  1. mkremer90

    Powerbass XTA-5000D

    good guy here! and great amp. glws bro
  2. mkremer90

    4th order design for 2 N2 18s

    i still say we change it up a bit. put it up to about a 2.25:1 ported:sealed. a little more output even thought bandwidth will go down a bit. drop that sealed chamber just a tad and tune it a little lower we all know lem looooveeessss them loooooowwwwwsssssss lol fyi, i just got danells design done too!
  3. mkremer90

    Mac's GTI build

    ahhh, so pissed i couldnt make it out by mikes on thursday. i wanted to hear this beast too! we got to plan another team meet thing sometime after the new year. maybe up by your place?
  4. mkremer90

    Mac's GTI build

    ahhh yes. mike was telling me all about it, i think jake mentioned it before too. cant wait til its done im def coming to get a demo!!! and are we getting this team thing rolling or what? me and mike have been talking about it for a couple weeks now.
  5. mkremer90

    4 jl audio w0 8s?

    actually if you would like to model something up for me that would be greatly appreciated, i have a few plans up already (nothing 3d, or in winISD) and just kinda goin on a limb here, i kno they want .35 sealed and .75 ported? any help is very appreciated, just tryin to have some fun with one of them for now lol
  6. mkremer90

    4 jl audio w0 8s?

    recently just got my hands on four of these guys for 40 bucks was wondering if anyone knew anything about them? found they want .75 ported but id like to do something fun with them, 4th order bp maybe for the hell of it?
  7. mkremer90

    New from Michigan

    welcome from dowagiac!! and mike, you should go out to hammond with me and the guys instead of bangin at the boatyard
  8. mkremer90

    New from Indiana

    welcome man, will def keep in touch n glad u joined on here
  9. mkremer90

    MECA 5/29/11

    yeah had a good time mike, will keep in touch for sure.
  10. mkremer90

    MICHIGAN check in!

    jdeuel20, myself, and a few friends will def. be there on the 29th
  11. mkremer90

    MECA 5/29/11

    will be there with a group/team possibly 2 cars competing, one in as2 one in s3
  12. mkremer90

    Mac's GTI build

    not gonna lie casey, i like the gti a little better than the evo when i saw it lol. i love that body style golf, my buddy is actully trying to find himself one now. def tuned in on this, btw love the dc lol