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  1. imsolost7886

    help setting amp

    i usually set mine around 100hz.
  2. imsolost7886

    Clamp and DMM setup need help!

    found the fluke 87 on ebay for around 150. what do u think about the fluke 376 clamp?
  3. imsolost7886

    Dust Cap got hot today

    im curious how audible clipping really is, and how you can check?
  4. imsolost7886

    How many batts for a 40.1

    stock alt in my van, with my 3000d running full tilt for 10 minutes im only dropping into the 12.3-12.4 range with a single d3100. i'd say go with 2 and you should be more than fine.
  5. imsolost7886

    Dust Cap got hot today

    i'd bet money you're clipping. I know i either am a bit or very close to it on my 3000d and i have 2v preouts on my deck which is low for most decks these days. my gain is at 1/2 right now so i would look at that first. on the forum there's a how to on setting your gains with just a DMM. its stickied in one of the forums....cant remember which one tho.
  6. Our team is looking to purchase a clamp meter/dmm setup for competition this year, some guys are running 1000rms, others will be above 7500rms. So I've been looking at the fluke 376 clamp meter. But when I get to looking at DMM/s, I'm lost as to what we really need. I'd really like to get some and seriously need help. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative. Basic goals are to find out exactly what our box rise is, and how much power we are actually drawing so we can fuse properly. I'm looking at a clamp meter that will read up to 1000A so we have some overhead. Also looked at the iFlex cable for the Fluke, would that be worth while? Thanks for any and all help, If need be I'll spend the money, but if I can get away with a good clamp setup for cheaper that does everything we need, it'd be stupid for me to spend extra.
  7. all adding a ground to an already grounded alt (bolted to block which is grounded itself) does is add another ground for it, its neither a bad thing nor required. i do have my alt grounded to my chassis as well as it being bolted to the block.
  8. imsolost7886

    Wall Build for 2004 VW Jetta

    yes, sorry for not specifying, the new xxx's....also expecting to have some box rise, hence the overkill on power, i can make up for whatever rise i have with any help again is appreciated.
  9. imsolost7886

    Need help with box.

    Um, no, absolutely don't use 1/2". With a sub of that mass and power capability, I would use 1" mdf and a double thick baffle with either 1" dowel rod bracing or 2 by 4. My box is single thick 3/4" mdf with 3 layer face *top layer countersink for sub looks really clean* If you can afford it, and it'll save weight, use 3/4" Baltic Birch, it's much stronger and lighter than mdf. But no less than a double thick face and bracing would be necessary. Goodluck with the build and install man.
  10. my setup is in my sig, stock alt, is rated at 160, so does maybe 90 at idle. I have no dimming, full tilt voltage at rear battery never drops below 12.5 at idle, revving, it sits at 12.9 cranked up. Definitely do your big 3 in 1/0. 170 amp alt puts that 4 gauge as your block in the pipeline right now, also do at least 1 run of 1/0 to the rear, I did 2 cause I'm an overkill kind of guy. Short of you having the kinetic already I would definitely recommend an XS, also may want to charge a little more often, even when i'm gone on the road, the batteries are charged every 2 weeks right now, and if I've been beating on it, I'll charge them once a week. This winter they will be stored inside and charged weekly. Goodluck man, I love my xcon 18, selling it along with my 1500d for a new setup, will be putting it on the forum more than likely in the next few days when I get home.
  11. imsolost7886

    Wall Build for 2004 VW Jetta

    Have also been doing some reading on FG door panel builds, any extra info that could be provided would be awesome! I'm trying not to clutter the forum up with a bunch of topics and questions, so I've been reading for a few hours. But pics would be great. Also recommendations on drivers and number of to try and keep up with this setup. thanks again to all. Build log will come once I get some more stuff together, that and I'm an over the road truck driver gone for a couple weeks at a time and home for only a couple days, so it's going to take awhile to get this done, but it'll be worth while when I get finished and my head goes
  12. This will be my first wall build, I've been doing a lot of reading and looking at build logs. I should start by saying the plan is 2-3 (if I can fit 3) RE XXX 15's, on either a DC Audio 12k or Stetsom 14K. I think I'm going to go with Baltic Birch for weight and strength, I am seeing guys using 2 by 4 bracing, also seeing them use it for the back of the wall outside, what is the purpose? is it needed? what other ways would you strengthen the wall or face? the subs weigh 76lbs a piece. I was thinking 3-4 layer front face, double layer everywhere else, fully resin the box. How much bracing would you recommend? If you have pics or anything else you might recommend I'm open to all options, this is going to be very expensive and I'd really like to not have to tear it apart and redo it cause i f'd something up that could've been avoided. Thanks to any and all. Also feel free to input on which amp/why you'd go with for power. I'll have plenty to back either up, DC 320 amp alt, and thinking 6 XS power d3100's, 4-6 runs of knu 1/0. Also will need plugs made for the amp to accept more 1/0 inputs, does anyone do them or know where i might get them made? im sure im forgetting something, so any recommendations welcome, thanks for any help or input. MIKE BTW, goal of system is 150+ @ right around 30hz and of course, hair tricks!
  13. imsolost7886

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    I'm glad I'm not the only guy taking a "performance" car albeit yours is quite a bit faster than mine and turning it into a loud vehicle. Also proud of ya for buying 3 "just in case" again cause I did the same thing. Mine will be in an 04 Jetta 1.8T, 3 15's if they fit (re xxx) can't wait to see this build sir. definitely looks good. tuned in for the build. but good look fitting all the batteries you're gonna need with that kind of power....wowza...gonna have to jack up the front seats and stuff a couple under them lol.
  14. imsolost7886

    Wire Comparisons

    Great review sir! Definitely makes me happy I spent the money on my KNU Kolossus. Usually do tons of research before spending a ton of money on anything, can't believe I missed this. Very good write up though, very detailed.
  15. imsolost7886

    Xcon or zcon

    absolutely love my xcon, considered swapping to a zcon, but since im keeping my other ride and doing something stupid with it, selling the xcon for fundage....but for the time i've had it, it gets low, sounds amazing on any music i've played it on it....definitely an amazing sub, from what i was told, the zcon is a bit peakier, not much but a little bit, but still sounds amazing....but thats what i was told, havent heard one in person yet....i wouldnt hesitate to buy another ssa product tho.