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  1. Kylar96

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    i think youll dig that HELIX unit. I know a few that LOVE theirs... best of luck mate.
  2. Kylar96

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Nice broski.... dig it.
  3. Kylar96

    stupid ? About batteries

    The burb is daily driven, with just under 300k on it. Drove it to finals, 3 times, a round trip of 32 hours each time. 4 alts. 3 for high side (charging at 17.9) and one for the rig. 24 D1600s on the high side, 2 12v bats on the low. Low runs the rig, and 4 chan amps and such. High, runs the 4 6ks and feed the d1600s.
  4. Kylar96

    stupid ? About batteries

    Also, higher volt (14 and 16) cells, have lower amp hour ratings. Keep that in mind also.
  5. Thanks yo..... lotta hard work. As, i know, you know all about.... Welp, sorry to say, but,... i think we are done with competitive audio. Sadly, it seems like we somewhere, down these roads, we lost the pure "joy" of it. And that isn't good. We will always have some sorta audio in every rig we have, but,... not for the lanes, or anyone else anymore. It just isn't fun to us anymore, feels more like a "job",.. and when its not fun, its time to get out, and go back, to why you loved it in the first place. We will go to CES in January, in Las Vegas, and the rig will have a 4sale sign in it at the show, and after, till its gone. All good tho mate. All good..... Thanks to all that watched, and cheered on. If i met any of you, in the lanes over the last decade, it was my pleasure. 99% of why we even got into this, was the rad people/friends/family. Getting to a show, and being able to hang out, was the best.... Thanks to those that gave positive vibes,help, inspiration. It is appreciated. More than you know. KB
  6. Inconsistent as hell. If your speaking of the blue transpos. Wont turn on, over shoot, you name it. 18v ordeal, i dont think,.. was worth it. Just me. I wont do it again. Also, home and done with 2018 finals. Took number 1 in the world, in psyclone again, and another damn 2nd overall in 499. That is 2 years in a row sitting 2nd on that 99. A lil hard to swallow, but,.. what do ya do. Those dudes are good at at that shit. Thats why they are there after all. Raped everyone in top dog at the 3x also. I think well do CES in vegas this year, and, then, put a forsale sign in it. Move on, to some other shit we like to do. Anyway,.... some hard ware, from the hard work.
  7. A local build, by my 2 besties. Jeep was tore down, from a privious large build, built, drove to slam from Utah to Indy, in less than a month. Drivers, are huge. Im usually not down, or into large "silly" drivers, but, these, where impressive in my eyes, and the 2, staying up night after night, crushed it. Well done mates. Vid at slamO, getting down. Enjoy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt-TZia6XK8
  8. Have had ENOUGH of the transpos..... new REG in hands..... Spanks Michael.....
  9. Kylar96

    sp4 differences?

    They designed the v2 to match the v1 .... basically same driver, with a bit of adding open coil cooling.
  10. Kylar96


    I ran the RF360.1, 360.2, and then, was one of the first to have a 360.3 up and running. That was one of the most frustrating pieces of gear ive ever delt with,.. i sold that turd 4 days after installing it. I HIGHLY recommend a different DSP. Used several in my time. We have to have one for the ORG we compete in. Using a AUDISON the last 2 seasons, and pucking love it.
  11. welp, found the keys to the pile, and took it out to stretch its legs....... all of the sudden, the blue boxes dont wanna play. Not sure why, dont care, remedy for those pucking things is already coming..... But seems like it, kinda wants to play still..... so that is cool....
  12. Just a quicky,.. but, tracking shows, world champion rings will be delivered tomorrow !!! And, yes, i apologise to sound like 4 year old girl, but i am that damn giddy lol. Will post a pick when its in/on my hand. Super proud, and super stoked.
  13. Fuck ya mate. I was more than willing, for 11 bucks to just try it, and toss it, if it blew. Shit, now, i wish id done it long ago. Couldnt be easier, lil turd works DAMN good, cheap, looks cool lol, all that. Im with ya....