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  1. Fuck ya mate. I was more than willing, for 11 bucks to just try it, and toss it, if it blew. Shit, now, i wish id done it long ago. Couldnt be easier, lil turd works DAMN good, cheap, looks cool lol, all that. Im with ya....
  2. Those with a chev, know the way the dash/gauges get when you lean on your loud stuff. Needles go everywhere, lights all come on. Annoying. Cant see RPM revs for competing, or anything. Picked up a OBD2 wifi unit. pucker was 11 bucks. Loaded the free software, and bobs your uncle. Gonna glass the tablet into the new console that is going in. Unit is a Panlong. There are several. I just nabbed this one. Works tits. Reacts fast, has everything. Rpm, oil pressure, speed, everything on the dash, and, fuck, shows codes and error shit even. Easy peasy, japanesey ..... quicky vid, right as we got it running.....
  3. Thanks all Got some ideas of improving some stuff, but, its gonna wait for a bit lol.
  4. Update from finals this weekend. Ride went great. Much better than last year. Weather was pucking great. We had 8 or so rigs with us, which, was rad as shit. We got to Reno, just at the mouth of that shitty Donners pass. I sent a text out, saying how great it was all going, and how it dont get much better than this. Guess i fucked it up, because right at the mouth of the canyon, one rig broke. We where already a 3rd the way up when we got the news, and there is like zero turn around points. We all met up top, and talked together, with the man down on the phone as well. I was in a car following the big rigs, so, me being with the easiest rig to drive, drove back down to get him. We got a tow truck to get the broke rig to Sky High headquarters. Jon Rabe, we OWE you big time. He let us drag it there, said "you can leave it as long as you want bro". So choice, and thank god, with out that, i dunno what we woulda done. Anyway, got that all sorted, then met everyone at the hotel late PM. Dragging some serious ass. Got a bite, and pounded a few drinks and hit the hay. No one slept well lol. Nerves where a tad rattled and on edge. We got to the venue, and got set up, got the alt belt on to run all 4, voltage checks, gain double checks, went down our list. Went smooth. We then sat in the corner, and debated running 159.99 bass race. It is a pretty known fact that Steve Mick has that on lock, and has for years. The talk was about losing the window. If the windshield goes, all shots of getting a fine score in psyclone LOW AND LOUD goes right out the window.,, choice was made to bail outta that, and just for fun, do 149.99 knowing that is STACKED as fuck. So,.. we laned up for 499 and qualified with several others at 49.99 .. Right to the hundredth. They use the hundy, to narrow the field. So we are in. Which to be honest, i did not even think we would qualify,.. its such a stacked bracket, and to get in, you normally need a perfect 99 or 98, which, is kinda hard for us, as we havent had to really knob it in 599. We just turn it to full and let it eat, MAYBE turn it down a lil with 2 or 3 seconds to see 599. Normally we can pull a 597 or 598 just letting it eat, and not touch shit. Anyway we are in which did surprise me. That said, we made it ALL the way to the final round LOL, running into a team nemisis guy from back east that we KNOW always does well in bass race. 5,.. YES 5 ties to get by him. Which is roll the dice round. Number was chosen, and he broke out. And like that we made the final round, where we had a tie with Christian (another cali guy, so one and two stayed on the west side ) So a second overall in that, which was all gravy. Window was fine, and the 4 OG drivers that have scared me the entire time seemed OK. Psyclone run up. Running 2 clicks down (thinking we had to save for the next round, we didnt), for first day, on low and loud, we managed a 155.6 at 20hz. Not a bad score at all, but down from what we have done before at other shows. We were sweating the 4 OG drivers pretty bad, well, really bad. 1 driver had a fresh recone we installed the day before, one a month or so old recone, and the other 4 being OG as fuck from 3 years ago. Tripping,.. yes, yes i was. Also, we ran the MIC for the RTA run, probably 20 times while there testing testing testing. With driver temp changes, ambient temp changes, we even drove the rig inside where the lanes where and ran it 3 times, while everyone was eating during break. It worked,.. we put up a perfect 100. so stoked. RTA score is just as important as low and loud, or install. Got a perfect install 100 also. We managed to put up a 415 and change, breaking ALL previous records, and being the highest score ever achieved since psyclone was made a format. Even Gary Killians scores of old. So much respect to that man. So yes. We got a WORLD title. Number one on the planet. Ring paper work was filled out, colors and sizes where chose. Got home around midnight or so last night. So beat, so exhausted and SOOOOOOO proud. Super stoked how everything went. Every one there, all the Cali buddies once again, made us feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. Cant say enough about them all. Fam for sure. Below. Me, Jason (tall guy) Kenny and Christian, And kneeling is Ray and Adam. Among other great friends and fam. I cant say enough to all that have helped and supported and followed. Appreciate all the love and support all. After years YEARS of tears and blood, sweat and some frustration,.. WE GOT IT DONE........ Thanks again all. Till next adventure, all be safe, enjoy yourself at the shows and lanes. Kyle Kenny
  5. Come one man,..... how about you buy all 24 batts off me ? LOL.... I can have them on a pallet and shipped to you asap lol. On the level, good luck with everything.... post some pics when you get er rolling man. Again, cheers and good luck, dont hesitate to ask any ?'s man. We are all in this silliness together lol. Also,... most important, . remember to have fun doing it KB
  6. Heard the same thing bro, right with ya. ... . Running one box per alt would be most reliable. So, we put a box on each, and purchased a better turn on solenoid even.Used LARGE gauge wire all around. Really put some effort into it. LOL, like, a TON of late nights. Fuck me. Still had bugs. Used large gauge all around, and we still ran into several issues. It took about 4 months of fiddling around to get it to run as reliable as it does now, which, so far, this season, has been fine. But, hell yes, we have 2 spares we take to large (3x, state, and world finals) shows, just because. I will say when shes running good, it runs good. Amps run a lot cooler, and the Xfire 4ks do make a bit of power with that voltage up there. ( I mean fuck, they better eh?) After 2 minute runs, and a starting rev of around 1800, we dip just below 16v after full tilt long average runs. After about 30-45 seconds the motor does start to bog down. So, mike helped us there, getting the turn on for the alt as LOW as he could. ,...... so, thats all neato and shit, but man, was it a constant nightmare for a while. There was a time where i wanted to sell all 20 brand new bats at cost, and swap to just a 14v cell, and charge in the upper 15's off the alts, safe for the rig elc,, then throw them on the 2 chargers we have when ever it sat. I know Rusty at DC Audio does this in his van. Uses 14v cells and charges at like 15.4. Then tosses em on the charger when ever its sitting. Has it helped our scores? Yep, yep it has.But, man, for the cash, time and pain, ugh. If i had to do it all over again? Id use 14v cells, and a shit ton of caps. If i could go back. But, we fought through it, and so far, its been OK. I highly suggest the KISS method if your just driving around banging.
  7. Not sure exactly what your looking for, or why. But, i agree with the above, if you want to go high volt. We have a quad set up, one for the 12v side charging at 14.8, and three for the 16v side charging at 17.9 with 20 xs power d1600s. It was and has been a pain. This season is the first its ran with out issues. The blue transpos are turds, can be finicky as fuck. But, so far, its been fine this year after much playing around. I dont know what all your looking to do, but, if your holding close to 14v now wide open, you probably wont see much if any gain whatsoever with another volt. If your holding well over battery rest already, then you have a lot of room to grow.
  8. 3x event. on saturday,....Did all disciplines. (Psyclone, bass race, db drag) 1st in all. Set a new personal best in psyclone, beating our old score from last year's world finals where we took 1st in the nation, second on the planet. New rta high for us (99 outta 100) using the NEW mic, and did a damn fine low and loud 30 sec ave score using their 20hz song. We did do our 30 second low run, then 159.99 30 second ave run back to back, which we have done before, but this time, lost/slinkied a coil. First driver ever lost in all the years doing this. 3 year old drivers, getting beat on, with some really decent power, and finally gave up one. Plans are already in the works,.. great show, great people, fun day, and the pile put in some decent work. Very proud of Kenny, and I, and the turd.
  9. SSA ICON Series Amplifiers **ALL NEW!!**

    Great looking board,... Is that TIMMY i see in one of the pics !!!!! LOL,.... great dude there.... Id love to get one of these in the daily... hmmmmmmmm Well done mate. Well done.
  10. Utah Bass and Vape 3x show 6/10/17

    I dont like them high notes. 40 is high in this rig,... . My left ear has been troublesome for years. I dont like them high notes,.. nope, dont like em. But its fun lol.
  11. Utah Bass and Vape 3x show 6/10/17

    I think so to. My buddy Wyatt does the vids for us,... we have zero clue how to do that stuff lol. But ya, he does a great job on em. Appreciate the love home boy. We are sooo confident in it now. Time to lean on it hard.....
  12. Utah Bass and Vape 3x show 6/10/17

    Thanks guys.... makes my cold, dead, black heart feel good FINALLY having this turd close to how we want it. Feels damn good. Randal ? Da fuq dude,.... get back in it bro. Have some fun dude,.... id really like to meet ya, and shake your hand dude... what is stoppin ya my man !?!? Get on it !!!
  13. Utah Bass and Vape 3x show 6/10/17

    Had a blast. Was hot as shit, and errrryone got burnt to shit,... but, fun was had by all. Burb ran better than it ever has in every way. Did all events (Psyclone, DB drag (meh) and bass race 599) First in all. Scores where hurt bad on our 30s runs by the hole, but, it did a new high on the burp (meh) , even a few clicks down, ... we couldnt be happier with how its running. On our 30s runs, the engine ran great set at 2k rev....and didnt sound like it was gonna toss a rod out the block at the end. Couldnt be happier with how its all performing, such a good feeling after all the work. Thanks for the look, hope to meet/see some of you in the lanes some day. My favorite thing about it all. Get out, be safe, and just have a damn good time. Enjoy
  14. Also, just wanna add, the pic with the trophies and boards, thats HALF the wiring, .... 3 are flipped toward the drivers side to...... EVERY GOD DAMN hot fused, AT PROPER length. No cheating, no bullshit,.... legal as fuck. proud as fuck. As much wire you see on the pass side, there is as much on the driver side. Was NOT fun. But, it looks good. The RCA's need some love, but, that aint no thang. We really need to run new ones front to rear, and re run errrrything nice and pretty,.. but, its up, and playing, ... playing all day, with no issues, and we couldnt be happier.
  15. 3 firsts, a new personal high on burp, 30s scores where all down, due to the windshield peacing out on us. Mic fell off, (we taped the fuck outta it first, trust me) 4 times. Anyway, no big deal. 1st in psyclone, 1st in super street 5plus, and again, the only ones to 599. So a first there. Its so much more brutal. We are very happy. The boards run wicked cool, make more power, much easier. Never seen the motor run as good as it did on the long runs. Before, it would almost kill the damn thing, but its all coming together now That ride home tho........