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  1. They treat me great. Answer my phone calls, texts, and emails. Try this one if you haven't. Support@ficaraudio.com You should get a reply with in 24 hours. Maybe check your junk folder also.
  2. " I used to pay attention to SQ, but I'm noticing I must be more of an SPL type of guy, and don't really care too much for SQ as much as I thought I did" Well, using the PWX's and FT1's,... your quote is dead bang. I couldnt stand my Ft1's, and have NEVER heard a rig with the pwxs play worth a damn. (they are popular around here local with the kids) They dont dig down at all. Like, zero mid range, let alone ANY mid bass. Just get loud as fuck. Good luck with em. I had a more spl oriented set up also, but was able to get my door drivers down to a 63hz cut off, on a 12db slope. They were 4- 8" seleniums, per door, ... needed processing through out the pass band to even get them to sound "decent". And again, the FT1's (2 per door) where complete garbage. Just my .02/opinion. edit- I hope that didn't come off like I was completely shitting on your gear. It will perform and do what you need. What one person thinks sounds "ok",.. sounds like complete turd to another. And I didn't mean to come off like a cock. Best luck with everything.
  3. Very cool. Man, i wanted to see the cases lol. I understand,.... ill be patient lol. Good stuff guys.
  4. I havent seen an enclosure gain from 45's in years. Pointless and a waste of time imho. If your competing, i would test without and with,...... but, i have never seen a gain using them. Ever. Bracing, ... im a fan of. 45's, i wouldnt even put a second thought in them, if it was me.
  5. Ive ran both. Both in the 15 and 12 inch sizes. Youll be happy with the EVIL. Its no joke. The Evil has WAY more motor force than the SP4 v1 and v2. Great driver, both are, but youll really like the evil. The EVIL 12 with a legit 10" spider, sexy Ti basket (my favorite basket), big, bullet proof 4'' coil,... ya dude, not many on the planet with love like that. Youll dig. I just played around with some 12" EVILS, and SP4 v1's, (identical to the v2 T/S wise) and then ran 2 12" team fi 12's for a season in a trunk build. All on a Ampere Audio TFHE 9.0. Both the evil and team where my favorite 12 ive ever ran. And ive ran a couple, from old school to these. I didnt get much play time with the evil (or sp4) but, trust me, its a fine fine driver. Youll dig. Keep us up to date on progress.
  6. We spent 2 days pulling all the old shit,.. what a pain. Then spent another 2, just measuring, planning, scratching our heads. If we didn't have to fuse... fuck. But, we lost the world title by 3 points last season. Was the rta portion. You can NOT give up 10 points on anything. Install shit is as important as being loud. Such a pain in the ass... worse part of it TBH. Rules have changed for rta this year. All of last year every single competitor was bitchin and moaning (including us) about a rta rule, that, when running white noise, you must maintain plus 100db. You had to crank it up soooo high for the meter to register. Our tweets where seriously screaming!!! After wayne/judge panel listened to us all, they dropped that 10, to 90db. We changed from the ampere dsp, installed and tested a bit 10. We did back to back to back 100s (perfect) rta runs. So, we have that down. Load the file, hit play and sit back with a beer and post 100/100. Like I said, we lost the world title, by 3 points on this portion. So, that is a improvement right there. I won't get into our issues we had with our amps,.. fuck excuses, but, our low and loud portion WILL increase this season. I guarantee it appreciate the support and looks.
  7. I haven't "heard" ours yet. I have heard some out of state builds running them. They seem very reliable. Put out some good power. At 18volt, they better. A "4k" board with trip inputs/grounds,... yes please. They are thick and heavy. All of which is neat, but not a breeze to install 6 of them. 36 runs, half that MUST be fused for the ORG we run, is proving to be a bitch, and look decent. How do we have a pucking suburban and not have room lol. But, we'll get it. We wired up worse before stay tuned for fun stuff coming it better 599 3 times, and then be up there with the car off, or I'm gonna burn it to the ground. Thanks for looking all. Appreciate the love.
  8. Thanks all.... i think we have a legit plan. Anyway..... Actually gained a bit more room. The secondary HU, audison bit 10, 4 channels, fans, AC ducts, and volt meters will all get back in there also. Hope everyone that goes to shows, has a blast. Good luck, and enjoy yourselves. Thanks for lookin. KB
  9. Welcome to the forum. Ask away, dont be shy. We are all here to help, and learn. One of the best parts of this audio habit/addiction we all have. Cheers.
  10. Cheers and welcome. Loved my SP4's when i had them. Competed with them for 3 and a half seasons. Loved them. Build looks great.
  11. I highly doubt you would hardly notice.
  12. Had breakfast with Kenny this morning. Brought one of the 6 boards for me to dork out on. Man ohhhh man, do i LOVE the fit and finish on these. They feel uber well built. Heavy as shit. So, with out even having them hooked up yet, i will say, i dig the way they look and feel. They just feel built. If that makes any sense. Anyway,.... lets try and get loud finally. I know it looks rough. Trust me, i know lol. But..... trying to figure out 18 FUSED runs,...... ugh... (install points for the ORG we run in, require proper fuses and length on said run). So, trying to figure out each fused run, on each amp, is proving a bit of a head scratcher....but.... we have a idea or 4. Hold tight for more. Trust me, its coming. Thanks for looking
  13. 270 alt made by who ? Is this at idle? id expect, or does it do it at rev? Who made the alt? And be honest please. What do you see when you rev? 10v? jesus.... thats horrible. Id hate it anyway....
  14. love it jeff...... i wanna see that thing do some real damage, make some people cry this season Cheers and good luck my friend. We will meet one day....... count on it.
  15. Am i able to change the title of a thread? Maybe im blind on the edit button. TIA for any support/help

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      Aaron Clinton

      If you need help with that, the moderation staff can.