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  1. Great looking board,... Is that TIMMY i see in one of the pics !!!!! LOL,.... great dude there.... Id love to get one of these in the daily... hmmmmmmmm Well done mate. Well done.
  2. I dont like them high notes. 40 is high in this rig,... . My left ear has been troublesome for years. I dont like them high notes,.. nope, dont like em. But its fun lol.
  3. I think so to. My buddy Wyatt does the vids for us,... we have zero clue how to do that stuff lol. But ya, he does a great job on em. Appreciate the love home boy. We are sooo confident in it now. Time to lean on it hard.....
  4. Thanks guys.... makes my cold, dead, black heart feel good FINALLY having this turd close to how we want it. Feels damn good. Randal ? Da fuq dude,.... get back in it bro. Have some fun dude,.... id really like to meet ya, and shake your hand dude... what is stoppin ya my man !?!? Get on it !!!
  5. Had a blast. Was hot as shit, and errrryone got burnt to shit,... but, fun was had by all. Burb ran better than it ever has in every way. Did all events (Psyclone, DB drag (meh) and bass race 599) First in all. Scores where hurt bad on our 30s runs by the hole, but, it did a new high on the burp (meh) , even a few clicks down, ... we couldnt be happier with how its running. On our 30s runs, the engine ran great set at 2k rev....and didnt sound like it was gonna toss a rod out the block at the end. Couldnt be happier with how its all performing, such a good feeling after all the work. Thanks for the look, hope to meet/see some of you in the lanes some day. My favorite thing about it all. Get out, be safe, and just have a damn good time. Enjoy
  6. Also, just wanna add, the pic with the trophies and boards, thats HALF the wiring, .... 3 are flipped toward the drivers side to...... EVERY GOD DAMN hot fused, AT PROPER length. No cheating, no bullshit,.... legal as fuck. proud as fuck. As much wire you see on the pass side, there is as much on the driver side. Was NOT fun. But, it looks good. The RCA's need some love, but, that aint no thang. We really need to run new ones front to rear, and re run errrrything nice and pretty,.. but, its up, and playing, ... playing all day, with no issues, and we couldnt be happier.
  7. 3 firsts, a new personal high on burp, 30s scores where all down, due to the windshield peacing out on us. Mic fell off, (we taped the fuck outta it first, trust me) 4 times. Anyway, no big deal. 1st in psyclone, 1st in super street 5plus, and again, the only ones to 599. So a first there. Its so much more brutal. We are very happy. The boards run wicked cool, make more power, much easier. Never seen the motor run as good as it did on the long runs. Before, it would almost kill the damn thing, but its all coming together now That ride home tho........
  8. We got it playing about 11 or so last night. Just about to leave for the show. I'll post some shiz soon. But it's up and playing and so far, we happy.
  9. Thanks all. Appreciate it. We are NOT good at finish work, but, he wrapped the fuck outta it all imho, and i think it looks dope. Hes really spreading his skills. We have the lay out figured, and wiring is rolling
  10. First 3x is now 7 days away. The rear is looking great, best ever actually. Fun time is now amps and wiring a coming. (well probably have about 4 seconds of testing on it before the show, but meh,.... were really solid on points from finals last year, so, all shows will be "test/tune" time for us through out the season. Fug it.....
  11. Yup. They are all getting the rad Ti basket. Larger landing for larger spider, all the good stuff. You heard correct, they are already selling them.
  12. They treat me great. Answer my phone calls, texts, and emails. Try this one if you haven't. Support@ficaraudio.com You should get a reply with in 24 hours. Maybe check your junk folder also.
  13. " I used to pay attention to SQ, but I'm noticing I must be more of an SPL type of guy, and don't really care too much for SQ as much as I thought I did" Well, using the PWX's and FT1's,... your quote is dead bang. I couldnt stand my Ft1's, and have NEVER heard a rig with the pwxs play worth a damn. (they are popular around here local with the kids) They dont dig down at all. Like, zero mid range, let alone ANY mid bass. Just get loud as fuck. Good luck with em. I had a more spl oriented set up also, but was able to get my door drivers down to a 63hz cut off, on a 12db slope. They were 4- 8" seleniums, per door, ... needed processing through out the pass band to even get them to sound "decent". And again, the FT1's (2 per door) where complete garbage. Just my .02/opinion. edit- I hope that didn't come off like I was completely shitting on your gear. It will perform and do what you need. What one person thinks sounds "ok",.. sounds like complete turd to another. And I didn't mean to come off like a cock. Best luck with everything.
  14. Very cool. Man, i wanted to see the cases lol. I understand,.... ill be patient lol. Good stuff guys.
  15. I havent seen an enclosure gain from 45's in years. Pointless and a waste of time imho. If your competing, i would test without and with,...... but, i have never seen a gain using them. Ever. Bracing, ... im a fan of. 45's, i wouldnt even put a second thought in them, if it was me.