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  1. Cthedinger

    Sound Deadener on a Roll?

    I never said Chris was my partner but he is a good friend of mine, I was just clearing up something that he said about my company which was false. I don't even come on this forum any more because I a not a fan of it. The only reason I know this thread exists is because Chris told me about it. You made fun of a test I did, so I should you another test I did with my product that has to do with a daily application and showed you the before and after of it. The actual product we are coming out this is way better than the prototype, since the prototype product works amazingly it gives customers an idea of what they can expect from the actual product we are coming out with. But I am done here, if you have anything else to say to me give me a call or shoot me an email Coleman@AudioTechnix.Com because I will more than likely not come on here to check for responses. How did evaluating samples give you get an "idea" for a product you'd like when you didn't even understand how that product works? Wouldn't need to understand how a certain product functions before you get an "idea" for a product design? You had to ask Don how CLD worked after you were promoting your product. So, how did you go about designing the product and it's performance aspects before you understood how CLD even functioned? I never said I designed the product. After seeing all the samples, comparing customer service, and looking at companies price I got an idea for a product that I wanted. I am a customer service guy, thats what I do best. Take it down if you like, I feel if someone is going to talk badly about me and my company, and then mock me and make fun of me then I have a right to defend my self and company. I gave him a real life scenario on how my product has helped me. Take it how you want.
  2. Cthedinger

    Sound Deadener on a Roll?

    Sorry I accidentally gave you a negative one when I was trying to hit multi-quote so if someone would fix that for me I would appreciate it. Its just as easy to get it cut into a roll by the same people that make it, and I assume you product if made in the U.S. comes from the same kind of place if it doesn't then it may come from over seas because it would be a lot cheaper to get it cut into sheets if it did. Its actually foil no B.S. here. I will admit that back then I did not know as much information as I know now and I am still know expert now. And I had never gotten the chance to finish all the video's I was going to make. I had planned on testing how well it sticks by hanging a weight from it and see how long it takes for everyones deadener to fall. Then testing how hot it can get before falling and also test it on some sheet metal. And I don't know were you got the idea of that, that was in my parents driveway. lol In the video it kind of shows my surroundings and there are several buildings that look the same, A.K.A. filmed at my apartment. First of Audio Technix is not made by Protect-O-Wrap and has no affiliation with them. It is made in a completely different state. Also Don the new configuration was not announce with in days. Don't make your self try to feel to almighty. Also the reason I asked all these companies for samples is because I truly wanted to know what all of them are like. Then I got an idea for a product that I liked and thats where it all started. I do not believe everything should be covered in deadener. I have told several of my customers to apply a little where they feel its needed then test and at that point they can determine whether or not they need to put more on. There are also several products that are made on rolls and personally I like it being made on a roll. IMO it is a lot easy to install that way. I am not going to argue with you on here or go back and forth all day. If you want to go back and forth and argue give me a call on Monday 832.257.8825 Since this topic was brought up I figure that gives me the right to post of some video's for Audio Technix Also here is a picture of RAAM Mat that you called the best bang for its buck back in the day Don. Just picture to show you how good Raam Mats adhesive is attached to there aluminum. There is lots of air pockets between the adhesive and the aluminum. I wouldn't trust this stuff in my car. I just tried to do the same to Second Skin, Audio Wrap, and the Audio Technix proto type deadener I have (which does not use as good of an adhesive as the real product will have) and couldn't manage to do it.
  3. I will be there, and will be running the booth for Audio Technix at the show. Twisted are you going to be there both days this year? Also if anyone needs a hotel check out this place Howard Johnson Hotel, Tyler Tx It is 4 minutes from the show and only $37 a night, I already have my room booked.
  4. Cthedinger

    Help us Welcome DURAN to the MOD team

    Way to go Duran! Congats!
  5. Cthedinger

    experiences with db-r?

    Db-r ftw!
  6. Cthedinger

    The D4S.com thread

    Let the lolz begin
  7. Diablo Audio closed shop, call amp medics I am almost positive they will fix it.
  8. Cthedinger

    Place your Vote! | Bravox Video Contest

    I voted!
  9. Cthedinger

    Twisted's Usaci Finals 2010 Vids/pics

    This video doesn't do justice
  10. Cthedinger

    Twisted's Usaci Finals 2010 Vids/pics

    I see me in a picture or two
  11. Thank you both for being on top of your game
  12. If we don't have enough people show up it will turn into a test and tune. $15 will give you as many times as you want to get metered and try different things to raise your score. $5 of the $15 you pay will be donated to the boys and girls club. There will also be free Nos energy drinks.
  13. Thanks onebadmonte for posting the flyer, anyone planning on coming out?
  14. I just got a meter so if your in Houston and want to get metered for free post in this thread or pm me.