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Welcome To SoundSolutionsAudio !!

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Welcome To The SoundSolutionsAudio.com Message Forums!

Membership at TeamSSAudio.com is free. You can participate in polls, post topics, communicate by private message with other members, and participate in our For Sale section.

Since this forum is free, we would like all members to abide by the few policies and rules set forth by the Staff. Rarely do we ever have a problem with a member. We our proud of our member base.

For most of us, this is what we consider home. Unlike other places, we do have rules here.

- We host manufacturer forums. Please read and abide by the rules in each specific section set forth by the company representatives (and owners!) visiting this message board.

- We do have an Off Topic forum set aside for, yes, the off topic posts. Make sure they go there! �The IHOP� thread is about anything and everything, as you�ll find out if you venture inside.

Chances are that you are here because you are looking to escape from the idiots at other message boards, or perhaps to check out the manufacturer forums. If you are here because of the former, please:

- Keep all issues relating to you and CarAudio.com off of this message board. TeamSSAudio.com / SoundSolutionsAudio.com has no relationship with CarAudio.com � we don�t want one, and we will never have one.

- All industry related gossip is left at the door � you know the gossip we�re talking about. If you�re unsure, just go ahead and post it � if you come back and find that it isn�t there, well, there you go.

If a moderator removes one of your posts for whatever reason, don�t feel bad. We rarely remove things here unless they�re off-topic in an on-topic section, or are just blatantly retarded.

Enjoy the forum. It�s here for you, the user. Enjoy it. If you're not sure of something, feel free to contact a staff member and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

SoundSolutionsAudio.com prides itself in being able to offer FREE message boards to the users. We are extremely proud of our current member base, exhibiting members from within the industry and other individuals regarded as flagship members of the mobile electronics field.

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