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I'm running 1 Linear Power 5002iq to 1- 12" sub rated for 500 rms. Linear Power suggests a 60 amp fuse, 1 at the battery and 1 at the amp. The amp has 8 gauge power wire hardwired in to connect to.  Do I need to run 4 gauge from the battery to a distribution block or can I get away with 8 gauge from the battery all the way back?


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You can do the 8 gauge but to safe I would do the 4 gauge from battery to rear distro block then 8 gauge to amp. Just depends on budget, wire on hand and preference really. 


Just me but if you did do the 4 gauge run I would add a ground block as well. 8 gauge wire from amp to block and 4 gauge from block to a nice sanded piece of metal in your trunk.

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