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    I've had a number of people make comments here recently that there are "Others" that "Make speakers in the states"..and it does not take them anywhere near as long as it does us.... Well..they do drop soft parts in the motors, however all of the motors are machined and pre-built (sometimes even pre magnetized) in China..and they get Chinese soft parts dropped into them with an American coil. There are no worth while viable options that can be put in here or any way of giving you a choice to have things how they should be for your installation. If you do not need a dual magneto setup for your top fuel funny car, but just a regular single pro mag..then only pay for the regular pro mag, you do not need the extra spark. But..that is not Made in America. That's assembled here, with imported parts. Bottom line, all of our steel is forged right here in the states, all of the steel poles are cut out of bar stock, all of our plates are finish machined here. The big thing about this is that it is all done in house. We do not have to deal with the inflexibility of hiring a 3rd party machine shop that does not know speakers and what needs to happen with certain parts and why things are machined and done certain ways. Nobody else has the flexibility of changing things on the turn of a dime if something messes up. So, let's say you place an order with us. First thing that happens We cut the pole down..it gets machined to the correct OD, drilled, tapped, then into the CNC's for final machining of the cooling technology that we use. All of the back plates/top plates are machined, coated, and baked to your order. Knocking off poles out of the bar stock is the first step. After this it gets chucked into one of the big lathes to turn down the OD, then they are all drilled and tapped. After that they get chucked up into the CNC to have all of the machine work done if you get the cooling option or the pole chamfer option. Again, we have the flexibility and ability to give you exactly what you need for your install..instead of making you pay for something that you do not really need. This is a stack of Q series back plates that have had their final turn on the lathe to clean up everything before they get tumbled, coated, and baked. Finished N3 series woofer top plate after being machined, coated, baked and prepped. I will update this thread as I am able to with more pictures of what goes on. I leave you all with something to think about, we do all of this work ourselves..in house.. machine and build everything to order...and we're still cheaper using all American parts then most of the others in the market. (aside from the 10,12, and 15" 12 spoke basket, that is imported because it makes sense) Take a step back and ask yourself where your money is really going when you go to spend it next time! Odds are..it is outside of our local economy. EDIT: NEW PICS ADDED!!! Poles poles poles... SSD top plates turned and CNC machined ready for the tumbler! Hunk of N2 extrusion that got banged up that we're not using...just a 'whats going on inside' type of picture, it's an actual aluminum extrusion that we cut out of bar lengths on the saws. After all of the parts get machined they all take a ride in the tumbler for a few hours for deburring before they get coated and baked. Finished up N3 top plates hanging out beside one of the big lathes. N3 back plate/pole combos before final assembly... Little stack of finished SSD top plates Little stack of finished Q top plates ready for assembly on magnets.. That's it for now..I'll update more as I get around to it...again...think next time when you are spending your money and ask where your stuff actually comes from. Remember, the more money we send over seas the LESS money we have in our own economy which trickles down into less growth out of the recession....we HAVE to push to bring manufacturing back to this country. Down with lemmings!
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    My BL 12 isn't even fully loaded and is the most amazing sub I have ever messed with. Nick and Scott are awesome with their quality and customer service
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    Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Thank you Don! I had some theories, which is why I made this thread, to help pan out my thoughts, theories and the facts. I've always liked what covering the holes did to help the sound. Though on the same line of thought I couldn't help but come to the realization that it would seem that a layer of MLV would or could negate the need for "sealing" up the door in the first place as long as it was properly deadened in the first place. It just kind of made sense and staring down the fact I was going to be doing this very soon (began yesterday as a matter of fact) I was really hoping it would work out that way. It makes for less work and will definitely help with a couple of other concerns I have with a window motor that's possibly looking for replacement. Thanks again guys, I think you're all a bigger help and asset than you realize. I've been doing this for enough time to have tried every excessive and unnecessary thing that can be imagined Three questions help avoiding the mistakes I've made: Do I REALLY need to pierce or cut sheet metal? Do I REALLY need to make the sheet metal inaccessible for future body work or make vehicle components inaccessible for future maintenance? Do I really need to install this stuff in such a way that removing it to deal with 1 or 2 will destroy it and leave me starting from scratch? It's amazing how seldom the answers to any of those are yes. I've told this story before, but it applies. I share a building with a body shop. The guys there have taken a strong interest in what I do. I had just finished lining a trunk with CCF and MLV and they came over to check it out. One of them said: "That's great, but what if you're rear ended - how do we get through all that?" I reached in, unhooked some Velcro, pulled it all out in one piece and dropped it on the floor. Took less than a minute. They cheered The sound deadening version of the Hippocratic Oath is: Make no permanent alterations to the vehicle that don't absolutely need to be made.
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    I got a couple pictures for this update. I also have some video as well, which I will upload when I get time. But I will let the pictures do the talking.
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    hahaha russia always trying to compete with america Keep trying!