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    BigJon is a cool dude. Very knowledgeable as well. You would be wise to take his advice.
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    No http://www.soundsolu...ecommendations/
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    Really isn't much of a difference between the 10" xcon and 18" xcon except for cone area and differences in output. Musically they should be equal, assuming one uses the same enclosure alignment and proportional enclosure volume. I've heard a few setups with xcons (15" to 18"), and was lucky enough to own a pair of 15" xcons at one point. I absolutely loved them. The amount of detail and tonality at high listening levels would put a huge smile on your face. Oh and just because they are rated for 1750watts does not mean you need anywhere close to that amount of power to take advantage of their awesomeness. For example: with the pair of 15s, each seeing around 500-600watts, and a 35hz tuned enclosure, I was able to do a 147db at 40hz at the headrest.
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    It's now a solid pole, no BP to add.
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    Yea but not for 30 seconds! User just has a window of 30seconds to post their best score... On a meter, 2-3 full seconds is PLENTY to get maximum pressure reading. When running a lot more power than recommended, the shorter the better.. but that's trial and error to figure out yourself. There are only 2 things a user needs to control when burping- Mechanical movement and Thermal environment. Thermal is easy, do a burp, should be fine as long as it's 2-3 seconds only (let cool down after the burp) Mechanical- do not let the sub bottom out, do not let it leave the gap, if your motor doesn't have a pole vent, you may blow your dustcap off(if this happens, replace dustcap and drill small holes in it next time) I know you probably haven't heard about hardly any of this.. welcome to competing,
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    Do we need to go directly to Mike for them then? I have the itch to order some and was curious Yeah I'm pretty sure they are available only through him. He told me to send the money to mike@soundsplinter.com through paypal. I'm pretty sure if you email him there he'll get you a shipped quote.
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    I had my truck stolen a couple years ago...2 fi btl's and 2 rf t2500bd's and 3 xs3400 batts...i had my initials scratched on all my stuff...6 months later sum guy at a local shop was showing me his setup...all my stuff was in there...called the cops and showed them my invoice's plus i still had my police report...the basterd went down for grand theft...only perk was that when i showed up to pick up my stuff at the station they gave me his HU, a crap load of 0 gauge wire and a hifonics 4 ch amp
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    You're right. If you were close, I'd come punch you in the face, but it IS your car, so have fun! Just do me a favor and put some subframe connectors on there before you stuff all that weight on the rear subframe. You're just asking for trouble and will soon find you t-tops and window don't seal, and your doors won't open or close, not to mention the safety factor.
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    anyway hunter.. im just a very blunt person.. if you stick around you will see this... but just know that EVERYTHING i told you in my post TO YOU.. will HELP you have a better stereo. and those are the facts.
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    dont make this guys topic a pissing contest.. start your own or PM me. make this one negative too
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    OH 14 K or what ever your name is this week i know its you non- stop marking my comments - ... like i give a shit. grow a pair of balls !
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    sure boss.. is there anything else you need? if you broke the glue on the former.. then you unloaded that sub.... you unloaded THE SHIT OUT OF THAT SUB.. you need to adjust your subsonic filter. and your box looks HUGE, how many cubes is that thing? looking at that single baffle and the manor your cooking subs in looks like your ready for a "sponsor"
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    lol whos this guy? i didnt see anything in the noobie sign in.
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    Your retarded. Please stop posting. You clearly haven't ever actually been loud.
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    To burp a sub would I just go wth a bigger amp and turn the gain up and give it a burst for 5 seconds or so?