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    I will be branching out during 2014. NO I AM NOT LEAVING SSA. What other forums, venues, specific car shows, what have you, would you like DDS to show peesense. Give me a listing.
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    Tattoo's aren't for everyone. As with everything in life. Different folks, different strokes. That being said if you want one pick an idea and sit on it for 6 months or so and if its still what you want, your probably safe. I personally see them as a reminder of the trials and tribulations I was going through at that time. As few of mine have any meaning beyond that. Also good therapy as it helps clear your mind.
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    He drew my big arm piece. Thanks for the kind words J. I look forward to putting the finishing touches on the one sleeve and jamming out the other arm! Aaron, I wish I could of done the tattoo for you also. I have visions of a b&g super realistic one up the back of the other arm! As I started tattoo'ing out of enjoyment and to be that guy that tatt'ed up all his friends and family. I love leaving a piece of me on people for life and also their souls. I am honestly considering doing another one on the left arm. This one took 14 hours. But then again, a sleeve is something in the back of my mind also. Not to say homie was slow but I personally could of done it in quite a bit less time. I am VERY deliberate and don't mess around as time is money. With that being said, I will tell you the same I told Jordan. A plane ticket, rental car and hotel are probably less than paying someone to do 8-12 hrs of tatt work on you as I would do the work for free if you make it here. I can't accept free work. Meh. I usually tell friends and fam to just pay enough to cover supplies and overhead. I would already have done a cross country trek to ink and meet all the SSA brothers, but life has not permitted it. Aaron, Take the time to take this man up on the offer. I am hoping to make the trip in May or June for my next session. Bring the lady along to see CO too. J If its meant to happen, it will happen. The offer is there for you Aaron. I know how you are about taking things for free as you wouldn't even let me give your boy Lego's without giving something in return. Which btw was worth about double what I sent you.
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    What? No way, that's too cruel I actually want a copy of that sign, Now that you mention it.... There's been a few threads over at Reddit about PF and other national gym chains. Apparently the homeless/destitute really seem to like them because for $10-20 a month they have a climate controlled place to spend time for hours on end, plus showers. Clever.
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    I'm right here JJ, the fucker will weigh a ton. I had a Sony Xplode 12 on my Mongoose BMX, along with a car battery, two amps, a Jensen 200rms and a Kenwood 50x4rms, a head unit, mids and highs. Thing was hideous, but at the time, at fifteen, that shit slammed. I don't recommend a bike, it's HIGH maintenance, having no charging system and all. The wires are a big hazard, and I was lucky to have never been caught in the rain. You WILL NOT get usable bass from your setup. It will be glorified midbass at that; open air (no room or cabin) on a low power ghetto system doesn't produce favorable results. It was a magnificent learning experience, how various things work and such though. If you're hardheaded like me, then make sure to do the following: Leave NO exposed wires. Do NOT ground to the frame, do direct runs. Use high efficiency, small footprint amps and very efficient speakers. The Soundigital 250.2 might interest you. it's about the size of your wallet and does 2x125@4ohm. Adding thirty pounds would surprise you as far as the effort require to haul it around. double or triple that and well, think about it. *note* Be respectful. My neighbors all think I am an asshole, I rode around banging Oxycotton and Hollywood Driveby for the little kids to hear, don't play things that will upset others, especially when it's early/late or lots of people are around. I understand showing off is fun, but be considerate of others. You ARE able to get a sound ticket on a bike, I got one
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    Please use the search, as I know there are multiple topics on the DD1 and why it is not a popular item here.
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    You are better off spending your topical ointment money on renewing your gym membership.
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    I am educated to teach you how to be more active and take the smartest and safest path to a healthy lifestyle. I am not a psychologist, medical doctor, or dietician. I can help inspire you, but I cannot cure you. I can give you a foundation, but I cannot make you happier, thinner, or perfect. I can educate you, but I cannot do the work for you. I can challenge you and encourage you, but I cannot prevent natural bumps along the road. I can help you through the process, but I cannot gurantee that it will make it any easier. I can believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself. I can hope you become active for the rest of your life, but only you can make the choice to be active. I can make you stronger, but I cannot make you indestructible. I can hope that you are successful, but you have to believe that success is possible. I know that you can make it happen, but only you can open yourself up to the reality of a healthy lifestyle and allow yourself to aspire. This is my passion, my purpose, and my life. You must commit to living the life that I know is possible for you. Just a little something for those looking for a little motivation. More to come on the psyche aspect later.
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    Today I will give everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever. Get to the gym and train. The gym is where you are going to learn to be your best. Life hurts. Training hurts. Loneliness hurts. Change hurts. You need all of them to grow. So commit to a new lifestyle, commit to being healthy. It is a lifelong journey. You don't need to spend seven days a week training. Half an hour three or four days a week is enough. You'll get addicted after that anyway. You are either in or out. There is no in between. If you're not 100% in, get out now. You will stuggle and you will progress. That's all there is to it.