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  1. Are you looking to fuse to keep the amps safe or just to protect against the wire shorting to ground from the front battery to the rear? If it's from the front battery, I'd fuse for the wire (as you said). In the rear, to the amp. I'd fuse for the amp.
  2. cobra93

    Help finding a comp set

    If you need an adapter anyway and you only need an additional 3/8" to use the drivers you already have, it would "seem" like it should be very close to working. How thick and what did you plan to make the adapter out of? What's in the way behind the magnet, the window, the window track or an impact beam?
  3. Keep in mind that electrically in phase doesn't mean acoustically in phase. If both door speakers are hooked up the same (pos. and neg.) they could be out of phase to your ears and reversing one speaker could help. Where in ohio are you at?
  4. I've been watching this thread for while. You seem to be starting to listen to suggestions. I will give you an option that may help you that I hasn't been mentioned. You said you don't care if you have to rebuild the enclosure, so build your enclosure, but leave enough room around it to do an external port. This way you can change the port length without things getting to complicated. Your net volume will stay the same while your tuning can be changed until you find what you like. If you build the enclosure to the largest net volume you plan to try, you will still be able to reduce the net volume by placing bricks/books in the enclosure until you find the net volume/port length that works for you. Keep in mind the smaller the net volume, with the same port length will raise the tuning freq. of the system. Use some t-nuts and weather stripping where the port bolts to the box so you get a good seal time after time. You can then model each change and you will see what the responce graph looks like and you can shoot for this "curve" if you change the driver to something else in the future. Good luck.
  5. cobra93

    Pioneer 80PRS

    I think the drive has to be "FAT 32" format, not "NTFS". I also remember reading, when researching my p99rs, that there is max size the head unit will recognise. What size thumb drive are you using? I have a 64 GB nad have room to spare using WMA format. If you go with a hard drive go with an SSD, a standard HD with platters may not last long (as stated above). Good luck.
  6. cobra93

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about the "I wish I'd of done this different" . Keep the updates comin when you get to them. I've read about getting rid of turn on/off pops, I'm sure you'll sort that out.
  7. Fountek FR88 EX, my system is in my sig. I can play them down to 250hz., but I seem to loose some impact from my 830946 sls's crossed that low. I keep them crossed at 315hz., they sound pretty good like that. I have 4 exodus anarchy still new in the box that may play around with, not sure how they'll sound vs. my sls's or the 8" sls you have. I mean 2 per side of the 6" vs. 1 of the 8". This is all speculation until I have the car to work with. I was mostly interested in the mini dsp and possibly the nexus 7 so I can keep the factory "stereo" and whatever I put in separate. I still have a lot of reseach to do, but I have the time.
  8. cobra93

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    I feel like a stalker, lol. I read your reply in your other post. Thanks lithium.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm still in the planning/learning stages at this point as I don't own the car yet. It sounds as though my wide band up front may not be happy reaching as low as 250hz, if that's as high as the sls will play and still sound good. I forgot, you have a mid in your system, so you may not need/want it to play any higher. Thanks again.
  10. cobra93

    small 2 channel amp

    I ordered the dayton and some other stuff. Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks for the links. I read the log, but it just kind of stopped. Did you wind up needing the line driver? I have to admit I'm drooling over the 8" sls in your doors. How do they sound and how high are you running them?
  12. Thanks lithium, I'll do a search for the build log. I found it. I'll read throught it, thanks for the quick reply.
  13. cobra93

    small 2 channel amp

    Thanks 95. overall size matters most. I have 2 bookself speakers mounted to my headboard, think water bed. I use those at night to fall asleep or my brain keeps thinking and won't let me. My alarm clock sounds so bad. This is the easiest alternative I could think of. When I looked at adcoms site everything seemed to have the footprint of a home theater component. I don't plan to replace the da2es anytime soon. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone.
  14. cobra93

    small 2 channel amp

    Thanks for the answers. That's what I wanted to hear 95honda. I may go with the dayton, the adcom stuff is to big. I said small, I meant in size, I didn't make that very clear in my original post.