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  1. So on the right is the new 30" port for a 20Hz tuning. 20" off the rear wall for 1 port diamerter clearance and will stick out the front of the wall as far as the inverted subs will... but see, the one on the left, 43", keeps staring at me. It would come out the wall quite a wayze and right inbetween the front seats... 2 free ends....18Hz tune... ah shit, here we go!
  2. yup, gonna have to chop the tops of the seats off
  3. From rear wall to bottom of invert mounted sub is 52", subtract 20" for 1 port diameter end clearance and 2" for play 30" port
  4. Lowering tuning is a biproduct... though 24" could be "long" it's not. When I ripped out the old port completely, leaving the 10" thick wall as a 10" port...that should have raised tuning to 27Hz and been hella louder...but it was dead... even more cancellation. I'm making the port longer to keep the rear wave from cancelling through the short port. Though I should lose dB from lowering tuning, I think it will be similar or increase from stopping the cancellation.
  5. and lower tuning.. plus the subs heat up the enclosure, bad for the amps too, so better cooling! Port is 24" long now for a 22Hz tuning, I get bad cancellation I think, so I will do a 30" port which will reult in 20Hz
  6. kryptonitewhite

    Berry doin 2Hz and even 1Hz

  7. kryptonitewhite

    Berry doin 2Hz and even 1Hz

    disable / turn off your sub(s) and crank the volume up and you can finally clearly hear the single digit noise the EPs make through the subs in these vids... the EQ and everything is the same in all 5 but progressively the master volume goes up, changing the sound a bit each time.
  8. kryptonitewhite

    The ceiling fan really has come down before

    yes I made that fake vid for a certain reason at the time I did it but it really has come down and now it is PL PRO'ed in there and the ceiling brace has reduced the bounce by over 50%. another good 6.6Hz sine wave video if you like that sorta thing. it sure doesnt top turtles mating though! a hundred and twenty three thousand? er uh 1,023 oops Happy New Years Eve!
  9. Watch the ceiling fan blades spin That was at 1/2 excursion
  10. People keep telling me to tune lower, "can you drop it down to 5Hz?" I AM! My initial guestimation was off! So here is a port trick at 5.24Hz. when I said "when my amps shut off they make a loud noise" I meant when the breaker trips the subs pop from the amps getting their power cut. LTD, run a spectral, bet 5Hz doesnt show up! Bet 1Hz and 2Hz didnt show up in the other vid either! Does that mean with a 5.24Hz sine wave I'm not getting 5.24Hz output? Or the camera can't capture it?
  11. kryptonitewhite

    Berry doin 2Hz and even 1Hz

    For those that say a Behringer can't do 5Hz or below here it is
  12. kryptonitewhite

    Is it OK to enjoy the subsonics in music?

    I have always loved the awesome mixing done from "Antichrist Superstar" on up... even if you hate him and the music itself there has always been interesting stuff done in the production Thanks Cablguy! BTW I have paid a little more attention to "staging" in the van after reading some of your posts on that other forum, though I like my "staging" it just can't go there.
  13. Alright I ran REW before and after to make sure I was getting the effect I was after, I did. Made a vid doing the sweeps then Wayne: "3 Peat" and made them crack out thumps like no other. YES, at 8:45 that is from outside near the street with the doors closed neighbiors gone for Xmas Wayne: "Lollipop" taken all the way out to the street doors shut.
  14. kryptonitewhite

    Is it OK to enjoy the subsonics in music?

    Juvenile Slow Motion Eminem 25 To Life Gorilla Zoe Ft Yung Joc Juice Box DJ Zemix Remix LAST AND CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the LOWEST effects I have ever experienced in music OR movies.. even with my 4 18's in 1003 cubic feet tuned to 5.25Hz with 5000RMS on tap, Behringer EQ heavily boosting a wide center at 20Hz and heavily attenuating a medium center at 40Hz, and with my receiver LP set to 40Hz, at extreme levels... it is very hard to detect the lowest parts of this... it's even lower than Opus Dei's 3Hz pulses it seems...IDK...... Marylin Manson Cryptorchild If I ever get to do another van build, I will be tuning subsonically again... and find a way to be able to do a rear brace without interfering. I had to bump from 110 cubic feet 15Hz tune to 45 cubic feet 22Hz tune in the van before it tore itself apart