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  1. gprestonmoto

    15' mayhems surface and volumes

    ROFL. WTF is this?
  2. I'd rock a BK800.4 for $140. That's what I'm doing lol. Selling my Linear Powers and buying a cheap PPI.
  3. gprestonmoto

    2010 Malibu SQish

    Oh shit! Hope you're ok man.
  4. gprestonmoto

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    With enough pull, I would love it. SO much potential, but it will never reach it. Dealing with old "SQ" competitor owners who will not move forward.
  5. gprestonmoto

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Anyone ever walk out on a job before? My head was fucked up too many times in the desert for me to deal with car audio sales anymore. Wife says just get the fuck out. Any advice? To all the kids wanting to work in a shop for a living, don't, it burns you out faster than you could ever imagine.
  6. gprestonmoto

    ethos 18's

    Holy shit, those are bad as hell. Those compression drivers tho..... mmmmmmmm
  7. gprestonmoto

    ethos 18's

  8. gprestonmoto

    ethos 18's

    Yea Q. There's so many high frequency options, full rangers, horns, tweeters, etc. 6.5-8" midbasses that blow others out of the water is something I think that would be extremely profitable. How much time do we spend arguing with rookies about why pwx's are crap?
  9. gprestonmoto

    ethos 18's

    would be interesting. If anyone can... it'd be him.
  10. gprestonmoto

    Free shipping from now on! US48

    Wow, there's a reason I love SSA. Now there's another one.
  11. Installed an Audison AV5.1k the other day. That's a badass amp. Expensive as all hell but wow.
  12. gprestonmoto

    ethos 18's

    Everyone's worried about 18's and 10's and I'm just sittin' here waiting for Q to kill Exodus Anarchy's...
  13. gprestonmoto

    help with install of crescendo gear

    And seriously, thank you. LOL no problem. You all need to relax. I used to be like a lot of people on here. All kinds of gung-ho and getting mad at sarcastic responses but shit after awhile, that's all you can do to keep from banging your head against a wall. People have to be honest to truly help someone. Wasting money sucks, but it happens! Once we learn, we go "shit that sucks, ok, where am I headed". There's only so much hand holding before people get burned out and start getting annoyed. Facebook audio groups are so bad it's to the point that the only FB audio friends I follow are bigjon and Aaron. As someone that works in the industry, audio terrified me. Shops are selling supertweeters and "pro-audio" all day long and then they come to my shop to try and "troubleshoot" the install for better "SQ and SPL" All I can do is try to educate. Don't let Sean bum you out. He's honest, and he's fucking smart. Is he too much sometimes? Yea but generally smart people don't do well with people skills. Oh well. I've spent a lot of time chatting with Brad and Sean. They let me pick their brains all the time and never complain. The thirst for knowledge is never a problem here, the assumption of knowledge and desperation for acceptance and praise is a problem.
  14. gprestonmoto

    FS: DSS Magnetar

    No 70% is ~45mm Goddamn