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  1. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Seth. I want juices to sample. I've been vaping 3-4mg so I'd like to ask if you could fix me up with some 3-4mg nic. Send me some samples and I'll pay shipping back to you and place an order. PM'ing you address.
  2. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Yes. Will be running dual 18650's. I have a couple DNA-30's on the way for a test or two, final production on regulated will be DNA-40 but don't have any chips yet. Unregulated boxes will be pure solid copper from batteries to510 and including 510. Cool! Doing dual 18650s?
  3. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Been on the router table all day. Unregulated and regulated box mods in handcrafted wood soon to be prototyping soon.
  4. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Thanks man. Still no delivery yet on the 180w box mod yet. I really need a tank or RDTA or something though on the CHEAP. Any recommendations? Been looking at Fogger 4.1's and Orchid Clones.
  5. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Well I'm back... quit my job at the car audio store, had a long string of really bad luck and have been smoking since. Im literally as broke as broke can be, but I'm trying to get back to quitting. I have a little gem heading my way that I had to sell some of my belongings to get, something in a box that takes 3 18650's and can provide 180 watts if I ever needed it. Now I have $4 to my name and I'm working some Facebook book groups tirade my caravela for some batteries/nitecore or an rdta or something. Pretty much completely starting over. But I'm back lol. Missed it.
  6. gprestonmoto

    15' mayhems surface and volumes

    ROFL. WTF is this?
  7. I'd rock a BK800.4 for $140. That's what I'm doing lol. Selling my Linear Powers and buying a cheap PPI.
  8. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Selling my Sir Lancelot. Solid copper body hits like a shotgun blast to the face. I'd like 185 shipped. I will ship completely protected in original box with certificate of authenticity. Very low number. 088
  9. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Man... I haven't been on in awhile. If something is in Auburn, that's about 45m from me so let me know what you need. PM me Seth, I'll tell you how to get glass measuring syringes for free. I have a big vv/vw vs mech argument but I'm dabbed the fuck out right now. I'll go into it later.
  10. gprestonmoto

    2010 Malibu SQish

    Oh shit! Hope you're ok man.
  11. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Send em out!
  12. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Yes it is somewhat similar. The trigger mechanism is actually locked in place. It's great because you never have to worry about spinning the trigger off while unlocking the lock ring. The entire mod is a perfect 22mm so it is skinnier than the caravela. Its interesting how such a small difference makes it feel so much more manageable. Another difference is that it is modular. It comes with two extra tubes, but they are not full size for different batteries, they screw into the base which is the length for the 18350. The top contact then screws into the extension. The top contact has two levels of adjustment, one is the entire contact point pushes the pin body down deeper into the body when your atomizer is screwed in. Secondly the screw can be extended to meet the top of your battery. So any battery works, not just flat tops, and regardless of which battery you use, the pin can be adjusted so you get a 100% perfect flush fit no matter what atomizer is connected. Very well designed. I'll take pics of the assembly today to show it.
  13. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Ignore my back pain medicine lol.
  14. gprestonmoto

    The SSA Official Vape Thread!

    Thanks man. Number 80 of 999. It's not only gorgeous, I'm amazed at conductivity. No exaggeration, the coils heat up lightning fast. I am in love.