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I was just wondering if 4 of these batteries will be good for a car audio system. 2,000 watts RMS? This is the only best battery that I can fine in my own town. I can't get XS Power or anything like that. They do sell Kinetik at this one place but they are marked up 50% higher then SonicElectronix & I don't want to mail order any car batteries. There Shuriken batteries at another store too. there marked up high like the Kinetik. I like to buy them in store, If anything gose wrong with them. I can just drive to the store & return it. These Nautilus AGM Deep Cycle batteries are in stock ready to buy.

Motomaster Nautilus AGM Deep Cycle 12 volt Battery C$259.99

  • Brand Name - Nautilus
  • Cranking Amps - 1110
  • Application - AGM
  • Dimensions - 13 x 6-5/8 x 9-7/16-in
  • Amp Hours - 100
  • Group Size - 31
  • Free Warranty Replacement Period - 18
  • Total Warranty Period - 48
  • Voltage - 12
  • Weight - 71 lbs
  • Reserve Capacity - 200


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They do have nice specs but you do not need 4 of them for only 2,000wrms, hehe.

These specs are slightly better than Deka 9A31s which is pretty good for an alternative battery.

I'd say 1-2 at the most.

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