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Techflex Torture Test!!! - Is it worth the cost?

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UGH I misspelled "Torture" in the topic, wish I could fix it!

Hello everyone. Over the weekend I did a review of techflex.

For those of you who don't know techflex is an expandable sleeving that can be used to protect and group wiring. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and can really help to clean up an install and make things look nice and clean. But does it protect the wire as well? Have a look at the video for the tests!

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you made another user name to like your own post?

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you made another user name to like your own post?

Yep and PM'd me to remove info from his threads. Seems to me he's just interested in promoting his you tube channel rather than informing the site.

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      - 27 Raptor 1/0 AWG Ring Terminals $20 
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      Hello and welcome to my version of the “How to Build a Custom Subwoofer box Tutorial”. This tutorial aims to teach you not only how to create a subwoofer box but how to add additional styling and design to make it a one of kind masterpiece.
      This is a four part tutorial series; a brief description of each part is given below and accompanied with a video and pictures. Enjoy!
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      Crescendo BC3500D is approximately six months old, has never been exposed to low voltage and has no scratches, dings or dents whatsoever. Does 3,875 watts RMS at 13.8v
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