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Enclosure question - bracing/polyfill

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I'm currently in the process of reconing a 2004 RE XXX v3 15" woofer and haven't made the enclosure yet. I'm planning on building a 3.43 cu. ft sealed enclosure to house this monster, as my goal is more on the ""SQL"" side. The sub's displacement is .21

I've come to a design and have my cut sheets marked and ready to go, but I wanted to see if anyone could provide some input on if I should brace this box with a horizontal or vertical support? Does the enclosure absorb and vibrate this much with that back pressure to where I should brace the box? If so, what materials should I go about using? a piece of wood is fine?

The box will have a double baffel, and be receiving about 1400-1600 wrms. I never actually found enclosure recommendations for this driver, but I am open to suggestions. I've only researched successful enclosure designs done by people in the past.

Another question is polyfill..Should I use a lb or so to fool the sub into thinking its in a bigger enclosure? Please educate me.

Keep in mind another reason

Here's a link that helped me decide on an enclosure design: http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/member-reviews-product-comparisons/109015-2005-re-audio-xxx-15-review.html

Keep in mind, I would go ported if I could, but I dont have enough space in my trunk. I have max like 3.8 cubic ft for a ported.

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Fs 28.0 Hz

Re 1.9 DVC

Qms 4.68

Qes 0.55

Qts 0.49

Sd cm2 810

Vas 123.3

Xmax 1 way linear 38mm

BL 17.1

SPL 1W/1m 88.7

RMS 1600 W

Max 2500 W Additional info

Cutout 14 1/8"

Displacement 0.21 cuft

Mounting depth 9"

Weight 28 kilo

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plug those parameters into WinIsd. It should automatically give you a sealed enclosure with a QTC of .7 if not adjust the enclosure volume until so. When building the box make sure you add the sub's displacement afterward. Do not include that into the enclosure when modeling.

Like everything else there is no rule of thumb for enclosure stuffing. No one can tell you with out measuring the QTC. If you get a copy of Loudspeaker cookbook 7 it spells out the details for doing this.

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