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Fi BL 12v3 Enclosure help

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 First post here at SSA. Looking for some help, I need to build an enclosure for my new sub and am looking for some help on a design. I can give up 34.5w X 20d X 15.5 OD max. I'm looking to get tuned to 32hz @ 2.5 cubes. I am going to be starting this build in the morning any help is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to hear this thing come to life. Just looking to get some help so I can visualize what I'm building. I will mess around with some numbers on Torres and try to post them up. 

It will be going in a Toyota Corolla and running off a crescendo s1500.1 so 1500w. Mostly hip hop music is what I listen to. 

Also, I work out of my car and have to use my trunk so I have to have my sub facing forward (into the car) to prevent the sub getting damaged. My current port is side firing but I would like to have this one facing forward. I'm open to any recommendations. 



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It sounds like you've already pretty much got an idea of what you need. What exactly is it that you're wanting to know? What are your goals with the build?


Congrats on the purchase, Fi makes great stuff.

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Just realized this was posted in January. How'd it go, OP? Any updates?

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