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Amp Clipping at low to medium volume

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Hey guys, I'm new here but been messing around with audio in my cars on an amateur level for quite a while. I recently decided to do an amp/sub install on my newly acquired 2006 Infiniti M45. It has a factory 14 speaker BOSE system. As far as the audio upgrades I've added is as follows.

-Sundown Audio SCV3000d amp

-1 Sundown Audio X12 @ 1ohm in ported box to spec

-0 gauge wiring ran to trunk to additional audio battery and capacitor

-6 gauge wiring from amp to sub

-LOC taped into the stock Bose sub inputs


Problem is that the sub doesn't sound nearly as loud as it should although the sound it does produce is very clear. I went from 2 SA12's in my last car with a 1500 watt amp and was impressed so I decided to upgrade power and sub to the X12. I also noticed that the amp is clipping anytime I turn the bass boost over 1/3 on the remote dial which also has the clipping LED indicator. The gain on the amp is maybe in the 10 o'clock position and I'm really just wondering if it's maybe the signal from the Bose amp that is causing this and/or if there is a better location to tap into for the bass signal. 

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Bass boost should have never been put on any amp.

-how do you know it is clipping?

-why are you using the bass boost?

-how did you set your gains?  10 o'clock is NOT a setting...

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