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Amplifier working properly but still not working

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Need help with my crescendo Bc5500 amplifier.  Lately i installed two 12" rockford fosgate T2D2 1200 RMS each. So a total of 2400Rms. So today while a songs was playing, the subs stopped working and on restarting the car, i saw kind of flame coming from inside the amplifier but no smoke. On restarting again, the amplifier showed blue light which means it's working but it wasn't.  On measuring power output and ohm and everything,  it gave normal readings. On opening the amplifier couldn't find anything burntor burnt smell. But when attached with a different amplifier, subs work just fine. Checked every fuse and wires and subs and amp and everything and every output was in it's place except not working. Attaching a picture of amplifier after opened ( i know can't make out mistake with just looking but still).

Any response will be much appreciated as i had this amp for 2 years and used with 15" before. Don't want to loose it as expensive to replace it.


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I believe the light just shows that it's powered on.  You could have an issue on the input or output side and the amp will still power on, but not work.  Obviously there is an issue somewhere or it would emit sound.  I'd contact the manufacturer for repair.

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