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The awesome guys at Colorado Car Audio just finished a sweet Dodge Ram 3500 Pro Master Van build with full sound and heat insulation along with a stereo upgrade and the work is very nice!!!

They applied Spectrum and Damplifier Pro CLD to all of the metal to kill vibration noise and help with heat transfer through the metal. They used Luxury Liner Pro MLV+CCF next to block out unwanted airborne noise and thermally insulate the walls. And they used Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam to absorb sound and thermally insulate the roof of this huge van!!!

When the proper layers are applied to the correct locations, a huge difference in noise level reduction can be achieved. Setting the stage for a nice and clean platform for your stereo to perform in a much more enjoyable environment....especially with these tin can sprinter vans....treating them makes a HUGE difference in noise comfort levels. 

Thank you guys for the awesome work and pictures. Thank you for insisting on high-quality Second Skin products for all of your builds. #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinForTheWin


Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening 


Luxury Liner Pro Mass Loaded Vinyl with Closed Cell Foam infused



Mega Zorbe Standard Hydrophbic Melamine Foam


Damplifier Pro



New Kenwood Touch Screen Head Unit


Upgraded Stereo System


Edited by Second Skin

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Colorado Car Audio: This was our biggest sound dampening job with a sound system combined to date!!! #DampliferPro on floor, walls/roof, #Spectrum over that and #LuxuryLinerPro on the walls over that. We also added some #MegaZorbe over the Spectrum and Damplifier Pro in the ceiling. We were able to get 192 sheets of Damplifier in here! Plus a killer @jlaudioinc sound system with #VXi amps #ColoradoCarAudio#JLAudio 

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Colorado Car Audio:

"This van received the full treatment for heat insulation and noise reduction! We started with Damplifier Pro to cover the floor, walls, ceiling and inside the front and rear doors. Once that was done we applied 2 coatings of Spectrum over any surface possible. Once that was cured the next day we applied the Mega'Zorbe in the ceiling and Luxury Liner Pro on the walls. We saw an almost 5db drop in sound in the van at 70mph!!!"


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And the finishing touches on this awesome build by Colorado Car Audio...knocked it out of the ballpark with this awesome interior!!!

#ColoradoCArAudio #SecondSkinAudio #TeamSecondSkin








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Very Nicely Done!!!





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This Man Van Rocks!!!


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