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    I have one and I like it a lot. How do they compare to other 15s? Well they are the same size. What 15s are you talking about? Compare how?
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    A subwoofer, just does what environment it's in. If you put it in a crappy, and not tuned right box. It will sound horrible and not get loud. Pretty much, you can get any subwoofer to an extent, sound decent and be loud. SQ is always different for every person, I've owned the BTL and I think they sound horrible. Did it get loud and shake my ear drums yes. I would just Get the Q and build a quality box. If you don't like it, sell it and move on to something else.
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    EPSILON ELECTRONICS, INC is: SoundStream Precision Power Power Acoustik Kole audio SPL audio Farenheit Elite
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    PLD does not affect stage height, but stage height can be manipulated if you have low mounted drivers With my old kickpanels, and you can ask audiolife on here as he heard it several times, I was running a simple passive coincident component set with no EQ and the soundstage was above the dash. The car imaged and staged well with nothing more than properly aimed kickpanels. Probably could have been pretty darn great if I had actually taken the time to really tune it and dial in the install some more. Yes, there are pro's and con's for midbass in doors (if you have time alignment). But my comment was more pointed towards his coaxials in the door (presumably with no time alignment), and the problems associated with running non-midbass drivers in doors (diffraction/reflection from the door panel, different listening axis between left and right drivers, steep off axis of near side driver, etc) that kickpanels would correct and improve upon.
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    Doors have many problems that kickpanels address and improve upon. Don't use your performance from a door to indicate performance in kickpanels. Also, "low" is a relative term. Good kickpanels will still allow for a soundstage above the dash. Good kickpanels with intelligent use of processing will allow just as high a soundstage as anything else. There are several problems with separating the tweeters. It can take more advanced processing and skill to obtain good results due to a few different reasons, and as M5 pointed out there are issues with reflective surfaces. High soundstage with no effects to the frequency response is not possible in either the doors or the kicks. In fact PLD has nothing to do with stage height and generally speaking the higher the speaker the higher the soundstage....hmm, imagine that. The doors also have many advantages over kicks in particular for midbass response as it is very easy to get the volume you need so you aren't cramping the driver. There are of course ways to expand the volume in the kickpanel but they require more aggressive techniques that those in the doors. It is much easier to get the tweeter closer to the mid and also to not have rattles in the kicks, but if you aren't going to put a ton of effort into the install the doors can benefit you across the board. Much easier to pull off a good install and easier to eq/set it up as well.
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    looks like an artillery weapon. flat heat cannon, hollow point bullet and armor piercing heads. hehe
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    Dude, cheaper price doesn't mean cheaper quality. The dcons sound amazing. I actually like my 2 dcon 12s with 500 watts alot more than the icon 15 I had with 1000 watts. Many people think I have about 1200 - 1500 watts , no lie.
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    if it was me and i had a good eletrical system to back that up i would get the d1 and run at .5 its not going to hurt that amp if u have the electrical to back it up bc its going to be sucking alot of juice
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    that car is kinda ugly meh ok really ugly. The sounds look like they sounds good. But meh i wouldnt wana be caught dead in a car looking like that . Even if it sounds good. Makes people look at it more.
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    comes down to budget, personally i would do the Death Row, it's more a ported driver than the Fi Q, the Q was designed for sealed apps, ofcourse it will work ported but i think for 2 12s ported the death row would be a better choice.
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    anyone ever use this sub? how did it perform?
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