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    Damn Bro, was catching up on this great build and you drop a bomb like that at the end. Fuck that Bro. Just set it aside and take a little break from it. The bug will bite you again and then what? You sold all your stuffs, oh hell no. I know how you feel man, I have so much shit I need to finish up on mine but don't have time to do much of anything lately. Lots of stuff sitting in the closet tho. lol While your project may have to wait, you are a very blessed man. New wife, a baby, and a new business. Congratulations buddy!!!!!!!
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    Sorry to hear about things coming to a halt with the build man. You have alot of great things going on in your life though and that's something to be very happy about. You'll have time to get everything completed at some point I'm sure. Congrats and good luck with the baby, wedding, and business!
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    I think you shouldn't tell another man how to raise his kids, who the fuck are you to say that? A father im guessing. I agree with him.
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    Sorry to hear you are throwing in the towel on this.... At the same time happy you have a grander plan in mind. Its been a VERY busy year for me also, as I had to sinch up last year also to get to my goals. I will add that I still have work to finish on my car, but have not gave up. Good luck with everything.
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    Aw man sorry to hear this. Hopefully everything is ok. Been watching this build. Congrats on your future wedding and baby. I will be looking for the sale too.
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    Yeah man. I am very frustrated to get this far and have to stop. Thank you for helping me along the way!!!!!! Sorry you couldnt see the completed system. Always here to lend a hand. I'm sure there is more in store from you in the future!
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    Damn dude, sorry to hear this. Hope everything is ok with you. I have had times when I just needed to back off and re-group.
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    M5 wrote it, i agree with it and i get the -1s. douches!
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    When buying a refurb, I don't think they give specifics, but a call to them could explain all. They are very helpfull. This was the responce about my repair: "It had the standard problems, loose output inductor broke legs on a transistor next to it, hUvoltage regulator filter caps had bad solder joints and 15V+ voltage regulator was bad because of it. All fixed up and everything siliconed in place now, way better than it was new." Wow, almost sounds like the build quality was poor to begin with. lol HARSH!!! Just wanted to give an example of what the responce was about the repair. I thought we were talking about Dbr's refurbs... Guess I opened a can of worms. I apologize if my comment wasnt worded properly. My comment was referring to the faulty components in your repaired Sundown amplifier. The "loose output..." and "bad solder joints" could have been factory defects or common issues from misuse or just normal wear over an extended period of use.
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    I have a new saz 1500v.2 FS in the classifieds. Yeah but not for the amount he is willing to pay. im sorry jaycee i did not see his budget for a new 1500dv2. he did say he could get a used one for 287 during a sale (mayne they will be sold out before he buys one) and he didnt want to pay more than 300 for the OA. if you have nothing to add to a post...save it.
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    Charger turns green after seconds connected to battery... this is the second one (first one was broke as well) The battery in the video is new Here's a video - picture quality will improve once youtube is done processing And why did my battery come back with a dent covered in some black shit and scuffed up? (obviously it wasn't shipping because there wouldn't be a black residue) I pay good money for these products and when I get them shipped back to me beat to hell it makes me question what kind of company you are.
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    Based on my calculations the SD-12 D2 should work well sealed in a 0.65^3ft enclosure. Do you agree sundownz?