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    I have never used anything on the inside of my seams however the tools I use allow me to cut perfectly straight cuts so I never have gaps. If needed I would use liquid nails over caulk. Reason being wood is a porous material and will hold moisture. Caulk being a rubber will not. This will cause the caulk to seperate from the woodunder extremely high humidity conditions. This won't happen with the liquid nails.
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    The same reason people buy shit because Steve Meade uses it and therefore it must be good. The same reason why people feel like they have to buy an amplifier rated for xxx amount of power to "properly" power their subwoofers. The same reason why some people think all mainstream products are crap, such as JL, and everything "underground" that isn't known to the mass is the best stuff ever. So it can detect a lower level of distortion, so what? If your ears can't tell the difference, then why does it matter? Your listening to the music with your ears, not some mic or analyzer that goes "OH shit, 1% thd, negative points negative points." I understand your need to set the gains as high as you can on your monoblock amplifiers because you want it to be as loud as possible for your bass, right? The different in output from having the gain set between these two methods: "right below audible distortion from the ear (gain set by ear)" and "DD-1 with less then 1% distortion" isn't going to be audible. You would have to be off by enough so that the amplifier is making half it's power, thus creating at most, a 3dB difference. Which means you have a lot of headroom to be off, and your ears wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Your just pissing your money away. Or your using it for setting the gain for your front stage amp, well shit that should be easy to hear audible distortion, turn it down to where you can't hear it, and your set. Your acting like all music is 100% distortion free, and any distortion, no matter how small percentage, added to the mix is going to wreck havoc. If your competing, playing constant sine waves, and you want to play it at the highest level possible before excessive clipping, then I guess that's a different story.
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    Any resin that you will find retail will not help airflow b/c 99% of all resins have a wax additive to make it easier to sand. The wax will make for more surface tension than the mdf unless of course you sand the piss out of it. As for doing it for strength, resin will decrease the tensil strength of MDF because it causes the fibers to swell and separate before the resin cures.
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    Why is everyone against just drilling a small hole into the side of the box? Lol
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    No. Honest. I don't know why people think high output capable systems have to disregard basic audio principles. I won't deny that the craftsmanship side of the install looks excellent. System design and layout could be significantly improved. And then less knowledgeable members see these types of high quality craftsmanship installs and try to emulate them, if not in quality then in design, when the application of acoustic principles within the system is lacking.