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    Double boxed to help ensure the little monsters arrive safe and sound.
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    Got my two in today. For such little subs they sure make you go “WHOA!” when you pick one up. 20lbs for an 8” sub is definitely not typical, lol. While it’s still strange to me to see “Made in China” on the side of a box with the SSA logo right above it, the little beasties seem to have the build quality, fit and finish one expects to see where the SSA brand is involved. I know in my heart they never would have been approved for and financed into production if they didn’t. The T/S parameters are pretty nice across the board and in a few aspects a notable difference over comparable offerings from other manufacturers. They also enter well in WinISD with everything checking out through the auto calculations very very close to published specs. With an EBP of 120 they are DEFINITELY only meant to be used in a ported alignment, they’re never gonna work in a sealed enclosure. That’s probably the only oddity I myself notice in the parameters and probably only because I have never seen an EBP that high before. I’m currently trying to kick off the build in my 2007 Grand Prix and I plan to build a modular interface at the trunk opening where the seats fold down so that I can build enclosures for the F8L’s, my soon to be revived 10” DCON’s and a pair of NVX XQW 12’s so that I can slide each enclosure in and out for testing. I am going to build a sealing system and a locking mechanism into it so that each of those and any other enclosure I build for whatever testing purposes will have the same great seal into the cabin of the car. Well, enough of that jazz how about a little box opening porn?? Well as soon as I get the pictures to upload... damn slow rural internet connection...
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    Check back daily, as we are just about to add our products to the sale. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/black-friday/
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    Going to be building my first computer soon!
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    The evil sub is a bargain to start with. At these black Friday prices they are a steal!
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    Going to use the amps crossovers, and see how that sounds, add a processor if needed later down the road.
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    Amp rack is going in to house the SSA goodness. Oh yah, and a Flowmaster cat back left Amp had to be mounted higher as there is a seat bracket right there. It's very tight back there. We used the factory Amp bracket to mount to.
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    I just ordered a pair myself. I’ll have to model and design an enclosure for mine, if you know what your maximum dimensions are and other pertinent information such as desired tuning frequency and sub/port orientation, I could help you with a design if you like.