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    Seems like an idea solution.
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    Brother, I fucking feel you! 7 days are more brutal than I remember. Especially when it hasn't been attached to $$$$.
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    Well good news for me and my pocketbook anyway. The JL cp108lg that I own that was in my dad's truck is no longer in my dad's truck. He sold it so I got my little JL 8". It fits under my passenger seat if I remove the jack tools and put them under the back seat. This is ideal for me guys. I love how this little guy performs and sounds. So unless something changes and the fiancée complains about it under her seat I'm in. That way I don't have to buy new equipment. Thanks for the ideas. Happy bumping!
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    H,x, and MAC prochamber.Prochamber produced deepest tone, followed by H. X pipes are a bit raspy for my tastes. I had to look up the prochamber. Learn about something new everyday on here. What are its effects on torque and power?My interest is to gain low end torque. From the dyno sheets ppl have posted online, I gather the h pipe will boost torque, will the x boosts top end power. Thanks for the reply R1. I honestly hadn't concidered the effects on sound. Right now the exhaust terminates at the mufflers and the exhaust drone is unbearable. I have long tube headers with 2.5" pipe. I think the mufflers are flow masters. My plan is to 90 the pipes out the side right in front of the rear tire. Initially wanted to do tri-y headers with and h pipe. My understanding is this combo balances the banks best on a sbf? I believe that is the setup Carol Shelby brought to the table. It's all over the board really. you're talking a few ponies between everything. The tri-Y headers were designed for clearance. If you have good quality longtubes, keep them. Honestly, I would add tailpipes straight out the back if you're looking for torque. My 95 had dumps like yours and simply installing the tailpipes gave a noticeable torque increase. I had an old Mustang magazine where they did a test of the most common exhaust combinations for Mustangs. I remember the H pipe winning for torque, X for high rpm, and the pro chamber essentially the Hpipe wit a deeper tone.