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  1. Got a 3510g and m1b for sale if anyone would like some stuff.

    1. garychurch84


      Post to the classifieds section would yeild better results!

  2. Told I sound like the pig off of Toy story today.

    1. hdrox88


      Ha, I was told I look like vanilla ice the other day. I was like, wtf?

    2. altoncustomtech


      haha, at least they didn't tell you that you LOOK like the pig from Toy Story...

  3. patented17

    2010 VW GTI

    Nice clean looking car man, I like the aladdin knife in that one picture.
  4. patented17

    Thanks Sundown for having NO customer support

    Always two sides to a story, so I'll see how it turns out.
  5. patented17

    Just another day at the gym

    Dude nice squats sir, ass to the floor.
  6. I'd just save and fix the problem head on.
  7. patented17

    WTB 10" woofer in great condition

    Little dusty just haven't gotten some pin sol to clean it yet lol, gasket is eatten up a bit around the screw holes. I know no screen name in the pics give me a sec, and I'll post some new ones up. These are what I had on my comp at the time.
  8. patented17

    WTB 10" woofer in great condition

    $250 shipped.
  9. patented17

    Because Volvo!

    Well after that I had to watch all his videos and then I find my self hours later on videos of 4x4 accidents jesus youtube.
  10. patented17

    WTB 10" woofer in great condition

    I have a dd 3510g for sale.
  11. patented17

    500-550RWHP powerstroke? i think so ;)

    Badass, I was about to ask you if it's been bullet proofed, and apparenlty it has. That Turbo is going to be sick.
  12. patented17

    500-550RWHP powerstroke? i think so ;)

    You have the 6.0 L?
  13. Was mooned by an old lady today.

    1. jcarter1885


      I guess thats worst than getting flashed by one.

  14. Dude here is selling a lego collection for $13500

  15. patented17

    Extremly ebarassed...

    http://kareyellendesigns.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-get-egg-out-of-carpet-omg-moment.html BOOMBA, google is an awesome tool.