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Pioneer h/u Ipod Control

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i had a pioneer unit in my truck with ipod connect sometimes it wouldnt play i would disconnect the ipod restart it/ turn it off. and then plug it back in and it would work. what type of ipods are u using i have a first gen touch u restart by holding top button and the center button and it will come up with a turn of slide. on a reg ipod with scroll wheel hold menu and play button at same time and it will turn off. usually that works or did for me. if not i guess a bad cord or unit.

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Didn't find an Ipod to try today. H/U is from 2009 (or so the manufacturing stamp on the back says :P ). Possible something was loose the other day as I did reattach everything, but will find out the next time I try. Works on a USB stick just fine and referenced 55 folders nearly instantly.

Do you need to have the Ipod off when you connect it? I guess either way I'll try a reboot once connected. :)

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