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DAD - Definitive Audio Designs KMH 8 Subwoofer Review

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Hey guys! I recently picked up a KMH 8 from DAD to see what the hype was all about. Overall I found this subwoofer to have quite the level response and to have the ability to handle quite a large amount of power. It also comes in at a great price point that can't be beat. 


I will let the video do the talking!


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Nice review, very in depth and specific.

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      Here is a very nice video showing off a Customers use of Second Skin sound deadener to increase the bass in his door panels.  Check it out here 
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      Hey all! Much like my previous threads I am starting another part of a build that will be completely documented through video. The support for the door pod series was awesome and I hope you guys enjoy this series just as much. Just like before I will be video taping every single step and editing all the information together to present to you. If you haven't seen my videos before I hope that you enjoy them and would love to hear what you think!
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      First a little about the system:
      The Vehicle:
      Chevy Duramax 2500 HD Extended Cab (Will add pics soon)
      The Gear:
      Alpine Type R's 6.5" Component Speakers
      10" JL Audio W3 (Just kidding, I was planning on using this but have fallen in love with the DAD KMH-8, so we are using that instead)
      Knukonceptz wiring
      Wirecare.com wire protection products
      Alpine MRP-M500
      Alpine MRP-F300
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      I started with a concept, I knew that I wanted to build a box that would house both the amplifiers for the system and hide the wiring, but at the same time I wanted quick and easy access to them. The plan for how I am going to do this is difficult to explain, but as the build progresses it will become clear. 
      The box will also feature several inserts, I have entertained the idea of doing light up plexi on parts of the box. But I am not sure I want too. What do you guys think?
      Anyhow here is the initial idea, I like to get stuff out on paper first, really gets the creative juices flowing:
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      In this tutorial write up we will be covering how to create some awesome door panel pods that will add a custom look to your install, allow you to integrate multiple speakers into a door panel, and allow you to control the mounting position of the speakers. Note that while these are in fact door “pods” that are not actually permanently bonded are made as part of the door panel itself, there are many techniques within that could be used if you were in fact planning on creating door “panels” from scratch. Let’s begin!
      Step 1: Woodwork and Templates:

      In order to have a good foundation for our door pods we want to make awesome speaker rings. The video above covers many of the details needed.  Take your time with this step as clean woodwork is essential to having a good foundation to create the door pods.
      Tools needed:
      Jig Saw
      Jasper Circle Jig
      Flush Trim Bit
      Rabbeting Bit
      Foam Tape
      Stapler and Staples
      Upon completion you should have great looking speaker templates that are prepped for molding into the panel.


      Step 2: Reverse Mounting Speakers:

      This step is not essential in terms of design, but it is important to have a plan for exactly how the speakers will mount. The last thing we want is to make these amazing door panels and use wood screws to secure the speakers that will become loose with time. Take a look at the fasteners we used here instead.
      Tools Needed:
      Drill and Bits
      When complete your speakers will be ready to mount securely to your pods.

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