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Post Up Your Dream Amplifier's

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36 minutes ago, OGaudiophilenut said:

perhaps the most incredible amp ever! 6 X 20,000 pure Class A watts amp $650,000.00... 6400 amps current!....http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/the-pivetta-opera-only-amplifier-project/ I think mine wins!...heres a  couple other nice ones....~$99,000.00 PG MPH-6300 amp includes paramtric eq and 24kt gold 300 amp alt http://webfaq.phoenixphorum.com/MPH6300.htm...$6000.00 Audison HR-100 100 watt amp http://forum.audiocar.pl/topic/696-the-amplifter-audison-hr-100/ nice choices  everyone...love that Crown GTi amp ! heard 12 of them on 12 18's in chicago our buddy Dave Jenkins van Team JBL...Alma loved it!...good  times...




pivetta amp.jpg


 Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.



royal device7.jpg

worlds biggest subwoofer 17.jpg

covering the top21.jpg



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the Mosconi Zero One for my subs....  I have a buddy who owns one

it has BY FAR the best woofer control  I have heard in a LOOOONNGGGG time....



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On 12/15/2013 at 7:00 PM, neo_styles said:

JBL A6000 GTi




A pair of A6000gti's 


A Stetsom 14k

Only two amps I've ever gone nuts about. The Stetsom is my favorite surfboard, it's just simple and unassuming. Too gorgeous.

The A6000gti's...Would be so perfect for a permanent install. Swap woofers all you want, they're  drowning in power.



Oh and who doesn't want a Zed Leviathan? :lol:







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I had a Crown GTI....... best sub amp I have ever owned or even listened to period

but when they break down they are disposable....

JBL worked on mine for 2 months and bought it back because no available parts for the repair

and I ended up with some Soundstream Reference amps with the little cash they gave me:wacko:

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My dream amps!                             MMats 4000.5                                      Phoenix gold The One.                        B2 M15R                                              Sundown NS1.                                                    US amps 2000X                                   JL HD1200/1                                   Zapco ZX-26KD 14000 watts 12v@2ohm monster amp!

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JL XD 700/5 CAR AMPLIFIER is my dream Amp. :) 

But, ..... i can't afford it. :( 

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