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Google account disappeared, kind of

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So I don't exactly know how, but my Galaxy note 4 had two google accounts on it.  One was @gmail.com, and the other was @psu.edu.  They are both the same account, just an alias.  But my phone treated them as separate accounts and stored my calendar and contacts all on the @psu address.  Now I factory reset my phone because it started to slow down.  I go to log in and I put the @psu account in, it logs in the @gmail one.  Okay, it must just want me to use both again.  So I go to log in the @psu one as well, it doesn't do anything because the gmail one is already logged in.  

TL:DR my phone used to see two separate gmail accounts but now it sees one as an alias and only syncs the gmail account.  All my data is on the psu account, HELP!

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The only thing I can think of, if you haven't already tried it, would be to reset it again and log it into the PSU account first.

Other than that I won't be much help with the Android stuff.

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