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Billy Jack

JL 13w7 box for best spl how many cubic feet

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Just went to you tube and saw a VW Passat with a 6' cubic foot ported box in the trunk and yea it's a big box but that's ok I wanna use every inch anyways to fit my box. But I will definetly have to build it in place to get any where near 6 foot. It's ok if it's slightly smaller as JL only recommends 2.3 anyways as long as the tuning is correct.

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19 hours ago, jcarter1885 said:

I could barely fit my 3.5 cubic foot enclosure for a 15" in my friends Challenger, trunks arent that big to me. 

Really?  I've had like 3 or 4 bodies in the trunk of my Challenger before




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^ See when I clean out all the dead hookers from my trunk the 6 cubic foot box and 2 tiny amps will fit. Lol

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21 hours ago, Billy Jack said:

^ See when I clean out all the dead hookers from my trunk the 6 cubic foot box and 2 tiny amps will fit. Lol

Hahahahahaha!  Starting Friday off with a smile!



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      My question is about the w7, but any car audio equipment for that matter ...
      I know next to nothing about home audio, other than I like it and I'm sure I'll go down this route as I get older (mature / family). In this situation, is it worth holding onto these pieces and trying to make something of it? Or just go on as I would and purchase proper home audio pieces when the time comes?
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      Thanks for your help. I just don't want to sell off all my equipment (in the process of) and then regret it in 2 years time.
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