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Working on a Mazda CX-5

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I'm in the process of sound deadening my car a little.

It's a Mazda CX-5, a 4 small door SUV.

I want to buy some Secondskin products.

In my cart I have 32 sqft of Damplifier B-stock and one sheet of LLP.

Will I be able to do my front doors with the Damplifier and the LLP correctly ? I will use the leftover for my trunk and trunk lid.

I know I wont buy the special adhesive, as it's an overseas delivery (by plane).


I hope I am making the right choice. I don't want to spend too much on that project.



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10 hours ago, emperorjj1 said:

i would recommend using actual contact cement for the LLP

I was thinking about velcro.


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Thanks for the shout out, we appreciate great customers like you. 17 years of overly satisfied customers makes us what we are today.......without great word of mouth results from customers like you all over this globe, we wouldn't be the great American made company we have grown into!!!

Give your friend my email and I will work with him to get his order in and shipped outside of the USA as cheap as possible.

It's easy for a company to hire some Hollywood star to say "Buy our stuff it is great" but it takes high quality, longevity, superior customer service, no corner cutting, and great customers to create the following our awesome American made brand has risen to the past 17 years. Which gets the big dogs calling/emailing and reaching out to us for all their noise and heat insulating needs. 

Speaking of Hollywood........don't forget to check out our upcoming West Coast Customs episode, in which Chad reached out to us to solve a big heat issue he had and asked us to help sound deaden the rest of the project while we were in Burbank......our episode should air in April on the Velocity channel. 


Keep on enjoying that music and don't forget to always insist on the best.......Second Skin For The Win!!!

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Just found out today....Our episode airs April 11th, on Velocity 9pm EST!!!! 

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