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    Everything worked out great! The work got done and I was out a $100 deductible. The wife loves her Momster Machine. It goes the RV well and gets good gas mileage for something with a 3.73 rear end. Overall, there are still a few other quirks but even with the change in the market it’s still very hard to find a car like ours for close to the same price.
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    !!!! INCOMING !!!! Build Log and Updates!! So, I finally decided on an amp, the sub arrived, my wires were ran, door speakers installed. lets get to it. First off, I began building my box, after hours of trying to find some not so outrageously expensive MDF. Which, to my disdain, I couldn't find. So I just went to lows and got 2 sheets at f****ng $60 a pc. anyways, I inqured with my Uncle Neal about his old evil box that was KILLER on your face. After getting the schematics, I got to work. Overall about 5.5^cuft and tuned around 30-31 hz we have our ready to test enclosure. Measure twice cut once was used several times before building the box. as per my luck shit usually doesn't work out when its supposed to The amp I ultimately decided on, was the Ruthless 2300.1. I couldn't find an amp that I was willing to drop a decent chunk on, that I really liked until I found this. Rated at roughly 1700w rms @ 2ohm (d1ohm Evil 15) and 3300w rms @ 0.5 ohm. it was pretty much the sweet spot for power I was really looking for. I picked up some dual 1/0 terminals from amazon. and a pack of 350a ANL fuses (Basically in home solar power fuses). paired with my 2 batteries with about 195ah (if i remember correctly) should be a sufficient amount of power bus to be stable at 0.5 ohm. SO FAR SO GOOD! REMOVING AND REINSTALLING THIS SUB IS A PITA!!! lmfao, it is SO heavy. its given the rear end of my Forester about 1.5-2" of suspension sag... (0.0) HOLY F. anyways it was gonna be some time before I got all the finishing touches done. but I had the rest of the components installed already so lets put the sub in and get it somewhat dialed. WOW. Its brutal, and I still haven't broken it all the way in yet... Clip light on the bass knob comes in handy!(I'm known to be a little rough of stuff ) Soon, I Started working on my door pods. I HATED the butcher job I did on the plastic, but the evil 6.5's and the Subaru Window regulator/supports were not gonna get along. I went with a slightly tapered design and tried to follow the lines of the door as much as possible. Originally wanted to Glue them. But There is a slight slop at the bottom of the door card that wouldn't allow conformity of the wood. So I just grabbed some 3/8 self tappers and self tapped it to the door card. I also couldn't find anywhere practical to put my tweeters and I had already done dmg to the door cards. So f**k it we will put them on the door cards and the perfect pocket on the back to situate the newest Evil Crossovers from SSA!! After doing that I ordered the carpet for my box, and also carpeted the false floor. oh yeah, I had to make a false floor in order for the hardware in the trunk to be able to support the box, battery, sub and amps.(Ugh) I also bought some Iconic red paint for the port and back side of the box. I went with Bahr Acrylic paint, High gloss deep base. and Crimson Red Paint code. Final product is incredibly satisfying! Sounds absolutely amazing in an "SQL" sense and will also get NUTTY and flex the actual hell out of my Subawu.... anyways feel free to ask questions, I cant think of anything else to add at the moment! here's a photo dump btw. ENJOY!
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    I have been put in charge of building a reliability team for the Absorbent Hygiene division of FQ.
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    Spent the week at Sensible portions setting up a TPM structure. I think I know what I want to focus on in my next work life. The training will continue! https://www.sensibleportions.com/
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    I believe I replied to your email earlier on. But in terms of the box, if you feel you are not having the proper space to port it, option for sealed and build a nice and sturdy enclosure.
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    Been awhile since Ive been on here but I Just purchased back my 2x 15" SSA Icon subs I first purchased around 11 years ago. I have/ had them in a 7.2 cubic foot box net tuned to 32 and it sounded great on the bass music and rap/ hip hop I used to listen to but not amazingly accurate/ punchy on rock, etc. Im looking to only use one of them in my 2010 Ram 1500. I currently have a 10" JL W7 in a sealed box in the truck and it sounds great and I love it but doesn't quite have the output Id like and planning to put 1 of the Icons in the truck. Im considering either Ported or sealed. I now listen to mainly bands like chainsmokers, club music, alt rock, heavy rock, and a bit of edm, etc. Looking for it to be very accurate on kick drums but also hit hard so you feel it in your chest. According to SSA optimal ported is around 3.5-4 net tuned to around 32hz but Im thinking about tuning a bit higher. Ive done some winisd modelling but its been a long time and just wanting to hear thoughts on these designs. My max dimensions are 20" wide, 24" deep by 22" high. This is one design i'm considering, is 2.25" wide too thin for port width? im worried about port velocity and noise \ Or if I go sealed this is what im thinking. Thanks again for any help
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    Now it sounds like I want. It plays all the notes, and is still impressive on rap songs ! i tried “Put on” from Yung Jeezy and it was powerful and played every notes, even the lower ones. I am very happy with the results.
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    They couldn’t read the informations from the car computer. I think I have the wrong harness. Now everything is playing again after a few months… Today we are cutting the port off the box and making it sealed. I’ll post some pictures later.
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    It's been 14 years bro, OP isn't going to respond.
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    I hope everyone is having a good start to their summer.
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    After a few years of collaborative effort, passive crossovers are here for the Evil component system. Thank you Aaron, Julian, Vladd, Parker and Sean. This was definitely a team effort. When Aaron approached me with this idea a few years ago I was excited to design a set of passive crossovers that were based on performance first and not price or size. These really do sound great, I am proud of the design and the rest of the team knocked out a great PC board and enclosure. I don't think you can find anything better at this price point. Also, as SSA is a staunch supporter of DIY, standby for more resources to build these yourselves... SSA Evil Passive Crossovers - SSA STORE (soundsolutionsaudio.com) The SAA (soundsolutionsaudio.com)
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    Well, well, well, Look what the cat dragged in. super surreal to be back on the forum after pretty much a friggin decade. it’s nice to see most of y’all are still active here! Here’s the current build in the works for my 2005 forester. Plan/currently installed: -6.5 door upgrades (2 evil 6.5 up front paired to some evil tweets|2 coaxial alpine typeS in rear doors. Most likely going to make custom crossovers for the front) -1 Sundown Sax100.4 -Sound deadening on the inner door skins removed all plastic lining on door skins aswell. -old ass pioneer Bluetooth double din head unit from 2012 On the way to me: -1 SSA Evil 15” woofer d1 probably running on a half ohm to whatever amp I decide on. -Amp TBD and Currently taking suggestions(3-400 target price range) -1 ported enclosure tuned to roughly 30-31hz objective of this build is to be a SQ monster with the capability to be Very LOUD and lots of pressure. I got this car in a trade and have had to do a few maint repairs to it. But this is exactly the build I was thinking about when looking for this car. So I’m suuuuper stoked and have been brewing this build up for a while now. Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback on whatever!! Feels good to be back!!
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    @///M5 Let’s build one.
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    Very nice!!! Love the red port. I feel ya on MDF prices. In Japan, sheets are smaller (3' x 6') and cost almost $80/sheet! I'm also looking forward to the release of the Evil crossovers. Where on the door cards are you going to mount the tweeters? I originally planned to mount mine on the door card but ended up getting some pods and put them on the a-pillar.
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    E350 with the 4x4 off-road upgrade.
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    TEchology has come so far in that field that you just can't go wrong with anything anymore. Your local auto parts store will have whatever you need in the name brand stuff, while there are also a ton of smaller online suppliers as well.
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    Hey guys!! Been a minute......
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    Fun story, we ended up with a 2019 Expedition Limited for a crazy low price ($30,000). I knew the cam phasers were probably wearing out, but at that price I could eat $4000 in repairs and still be ahead. 1 week later the check engine light comes on. Cam codes and cat converter. I take to the dealer (who had a 3 month 3K mile warranty on it). Turns out it needs the cam phasers and the catalytic converter replaced. Total price is about 5K. They are currently sending it down to there Ford dealer to perform the work. So it looks like it’s all going to work out. Only downside is I’m paying on a vehicle I can’t actually use at the moment.