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    Uploading over 40,000 images back to the server, should fix alot of broken images you may see...
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    Few APM-X's left in stock. DM 150.6 and DM100.4 amps launched. IC5500.1 in prototyping. Dcon might return. Xcon overhaul underway.
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    SSA APM-X back in stock.
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    Doing some forum clean up.
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    Fired off news letter to the SSA Family.
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    Massive Audio now available at SSA!!!
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    Another newsletter heading out , this time about the YardSale.
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    Sent out a quickie newsletter. Doing my best to keep them rolling out fairly often.
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    Added Adire Audio's official online forum section.
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    Please bring back the Recent Topics section, I thought the forum was down for a while. I used to be able to post pictures from my phone and now I cant. Also the pictures in my build log are gone after the update, do I need to use a hosting site for pictures? Emojis for post dont work either.
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    2.5 sheets of Damplifier per front door, a second wood ring for the mids, LLP on the panels : What an improvement ! I love it !
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    Manually verified a ton of accounts.
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    Simply CAN NOT WAIT to get my Crossfire C7 3k on Wednesday!! Will be powering my Fi BTL NEO 12"
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    New catalytic converter, then, an Xcon!!!!
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    It's been a good week....Just got hired by the largest pipeline company in North America..... HELL YA!!!
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    First time using T/A : it's INCREDIBLE !
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    Sold the Icon, looking for a pair of 12"d to go with my US Acoustics Mike.
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    it seems to be a growing trend to discontinue excellent products or make it inferior in the attempt to improve it ...... sometimes things are better left alone
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    OH YES!! Getting a 250amp MechMan Alternator
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    New lay out is looking great SSA, glad to see some changes in the forum area. Nice work Mark.
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    If you need new step rails, Weathertech mats, tonneau covers, etc., I know some guys......