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  1. Nitrous Oxide...... FUN IN A BOTTLE :phatyo:

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    2. Thumpper


      If done properly it's safe , I'v ran nitrous on several of my cars

      got the Zex universal V6 wet shot kit , it kinda makes the NOS kit look like junk.... with the Zex control module it's impossible to get a dry shot

      running plugs 2 steps colder to eliminate pre ignition with a 75 hp wet shot.....

      My 3.5 v6 Magnum is  just as fast as a  SRT8 Challenger 392 hemi ..... LOL

      Once the weather warms up the timing is going back  - 4* and I'm jetting it to a 100 shot


    3. Randal Johnson

      Randal Johnson

      I'm not a Dodge fan, But I have a coworker with a Chrysler 300 SRT8 that is nothing short of Bad Ass !!!

      I personally haven't run nos in years so I haven't seen the updated stuff. Wish I could see your setup.

    4. Thumpper


      I'll take some pics and do a video with and with out the nitrous