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  1. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    Few updates. cracked a another wheel, bought some new/used wheels and painted them Got the subs in. Got a flat in the navi and took everything out lol, i was pissed to the max.
  2. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    late as hell lol, yours are a bit different than mines it looks like.
  3. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    So far for mounting your mids. I have seen people use self tapping screws, create there own ring with some mdf, or if you have enough room(speaker shallow enough) and the window doesn't hit attach it directly to the door. The ones i have seem different.
  4. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    You could probaly use 1 or 2 cans and be fine they have matte and gloss i believe. https://www.walmart.com/tp/plasti-dip Yeah about that, i still have not done the rears yet, so i cannot fully tell you an honest opinion. Pretty sure i have blown one of the rears as well, still waiting on my dam tweeters to get here before i pull the door off. Then i also have them crossed at the amp and at the HU, soooo its alot going on. Was looking for a guide on how to set it up but haven't found anything. All in all i can turn it up with no distortion from the front speakers, how much a difference the crossovers make im not sure.
  5. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    It had a bunch of dings already so I sanded most of it off. If you are just taking off to paint you just need to scuff it up with some 400-600 wet or scotch bright pad. Could always go with pastidip so that if you don't like it you can peel it back off
  6. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    Noting major. Got tired of sanding this dam grill, was taking way to long, so forgot i had some carbon wrap laying around and gave it a go. So front driverside wheel i hit a pothole and cracked the wheel a few months back, thats why its missing the whitewall stickers, new tire and new wheel. Was going good till i had to cut the center lol. its a 50fter at this point will probably redo it down the rd. random speeding pic, but it wasnt me. <_<
  7. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    Yea my navigator is the loud car lol, so i think 3k should be just loud enough for me and still leave me without adding a bunch of batts. There is only 1 battery in the rear of this car actually, which i suspect is the reason for the low voltage, maybe they ran that long run with just 4guage. So even being 180a that 4guage run is going to make it suck lol. Yea the internet is a wonderful thing. Had to do alot of researching to figure out what all those dam wires went to. But once you get it apart the task is less daunting.
  8. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    It is stock Alt. Singer told me....... Idk the alt works, but i swear it sits around 13.4 13.5v. It goes to 14v, if i idle stupid high..like 4k Maybe the big 3 will solve the issue or a smaller pulley.
  9. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    lol nice. Glad its coming together
  10. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    http://www.mercedesmedic.com/bas-esp-abs-mercedes-benz/ Boom easy fix. Forgot to mention yea if you disconnect the battery you have to reset your windows and some other systems. Apparently on yours you have to reset the braking system as well
  11. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    issue 1: when i got the srs error the car wouldn't start either. issue 2: I grounded out something i wasn't supposed to trying to find a ground for my brake wire and that kept popping up. Would say it was a ground with my light, but as soon as i started the car abs, esp light would cut on, but car would still start just fine. the antenna was just an adapter fakra to motorola, then i had to run the new motorola antenna wire to the HU.(since everything was in the trunk) So adapter was one piece and the 10 or 15ft antenna wire was another piece i needed. It's a weird beast. I know once i disconnected the stock HU, my cd changer, amp and nav no longer received a signal to turn on. It sounds kind of opposite of yours, your getting the acc, but no constant.
  12. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    Also keep finding the same method for all of the mercedes. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/electronics/87216-w203-audio-10-replacement-aftermarket-headunit.html So not sure what the person before you did. When you got it there was already a aftermarket HU? Aftermarket amp? did navigation still work?
  13. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    Hmmm if the factory amp was in the rear the wires should still be back there. I didn't have any wires from the factory HU. It only had some fiber and a small 3 prong wire going to it. Like i said i ran all of my wires from where the factory amp was in the trunk. I think i used the ground from the cig lighter but that was it. You could use the cig lighter for all 3 to run the radio i guess.(acc, grnd, dim). Still need a constant from the somewhere though. Which i assume was the wire coming from that noise isolator. I then used the Rem wire from my radio to power the Rem on the amp. Probably not necessary, since the power antenna comes on when the car is started i believe....or it may not which could explain my radio stations not being strong. The only time i had weird errors like that pop up was when i disconnected something that wasn't related to my radio lol. All brown wires are grounds on Mercs FYI, weird as hell. But if they removed the factory amp and radio why do you still have fiber? The fiber should only control(radio, factory amp, nav) Oh and make sure your battery is charged up. If it is low you will get those errors on the dash.
  14. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    lol i just realized i didn't have any full car pics. Only maintenance Ive had so far is the fuel pump assembly leaking, but was covered by manf warranty. Was trying to wait until i was done working on it before posting pics, but seems like this may take a while to do everything i want done to it lol.
  15. 09 Mercedes CLS 63 Amg

    Well bought me a Merc. Car is stupid fast 6.2L Naturally assed lol So far Pioneer 7100 Skar 4ch mid amp 4 SSA evil 6.5s Exhaust Cut Outs Alpine Tweets Soundqubed HDS300 15s Audiopipe 3k- (for now) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxLrfYEawFdILTJacDl2a3dlc1U Uploaded to photbucket and works now. Stock Harmon Amp getting removed Remote turn on/acc/pos/neg and speaker wires Antenna and fiber cables Front fiber cable no longer used. Fakra cable to motorola for new HU Not sure what the Tan Fakrah cable is for-satelite radio maybe? had to glue the metal radio bracket to the radio housing, otherwise it was just slopping around. Ugly on the inside, but looks fine on the outside Messy Messy, aux, dual usb, reverse cam, hdmi, front, rear, sub rca, GPS, probably missing something. Headlight film test, looks good to me need to take them out completely to make it look better. Also thinking about adding some halo chasers( i think thats what they are called) Front shelf replacement hole for wires probably going to take these out, not sure yet. Sound deadening is never ending, go some second skin, and Noix i think its called. So far have the lid rear deck, back seat and front doors done. Nitto White wall stickers. Probably what i get the most compliments on because people think they are the actual tire More deadner Xbox 360, need a new power converter because it sounds like crapola. Guess i need a full sine power converter Had to step on the magnets to get the glue to release on these, also you need to snip the connector. Custom fit, had to dremel the tweet housing a bet to get them to snap in Perfect placing , i just screwed it down Passenger door same thing. Got a star off of a newer benz and it is a little bigger, this project turned into a week long so far project that was unexpected lol. At first just took that ring out and it still didn't fit. Relief cut still didn't fit. Cut in half, used the new star to see what i needed. Metal tape to hold it, then some glass. Decided to change the to some mesh as well, going to paint it all black to match the car. Us Amps amp i have is pretty old can see corrosion and stuff, it started acting weird and cutting in and out. This Skar amp was pretty cheap, it seems pretty well built as well. Added rca and power noise isolator. Was getting some static from the radio. Also pioneer is known for the blown pico. Need another small amp for the front and rear shelf speakers. Sanding, putty, sanding putty, sanding, putty uggghhhhh. Hope it turns out good. Just got it primered tonight so have to sand that down and re primer probably. Still need to build sub box, and figure out what the deal is with my alternator or battery. I rarely goes past 14v and drops with just the 4ch amp, but is supposed to be a 180A alt.