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Got this in the mail today:

Free: Craftsman Capwrench Bottle Opener, 80th Anniversary

First 1,000 Craftsman Club Members that visit www.craftsman.com/freewrench

beginning on Sunday May 6th at 12:00PM (CDT) will get a free craftsman cap wrench.

There is nothing at the link yet!

This is the wrench that is pictured:


Sells currently for $14.99

If you need to sign up for craftsman club there are sheets in sears or you might be able to call sears. I don't think they have sign up on line anymore?

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Sign up to become a friend of jacks ---

the dice & calender are not mentioned when registering, make sure you pick "YES" [[under the question : Would you like to receive mail from Jack Daniels?]]

You will receive a confirmation for registering.

You will receive this cool swag in a 3-4 weeks!

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