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Posting a quick topic on a positive transaction experience with this member.


He contacted me back in April for my phone number to talk about the 18" SSD of my little brothers that he was interested in.  I gave him my # and we talked many times over the last couple months about that sub, other subs, setups, etc.  He's a good guy who's really wanting to learn and get into this hobby with a passion. :D  I sold the SSD to another person but continued to talk to him about his setup, other possible sub choices and things of that nature until he texted this past weekend asking if I still had the 15" ICON that I had bought from Sean.  I told him I did, gave him the details and the price I'd take for it.  I'm glad to say he showed up yesterday with cash in hand and the ICON has a nice new home in the back of his Pathfinder!  Now all he needs is a nice amp to run it with.

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