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Hello newbies run at simple installs

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So let me just get this out of the way;

For the gramer nazis, this will be my one and only apology.  I know my spelling is bad. Matter of fact I've made 4 smart phones dumb with how bad it is... Im so sorry!!

Anyway's I have 2 vehicle's that are in desperate need of new audio equipment. I have a 99 Toyota Camry and 01 Toyota  Tacoma extended cab. 

Both have totally stock audio equipment. 

Both head units are stock tape/cd dubble dins. Im limited to use of the FM stations.  on the camery I'm pretty sure all but one of the speakers are blown .

So my plan is to find a setup that works well, that I can pretty much duplicate to some extent.

So I thought about it and tried being honest with myself as to what I was really wanting and looking to achieve.  

I'm looking for clean/clear loud music with some bass that I can hear with the windows down . I don't really want to fiddle with it to much once it's all in and set. 

So the plan is to find a nice head unit . Which is proving to be harder than expected..

Component speakers up front with passive crossovers.  And a sub in the back  and a nice 4 channel amp to push them. This should keep it simple and clean.  

So for the head unit I'm thinking of going with pioneer or kenwood.  I want something that will work best with my android phone.  Not really hung up on blue tooth but I do want front and rear cameras  and a nice eq. 

Amp..I think I'm going to go with a RF p600 amp. It should have enough power for what I plan on using it for. 

Components ... it's hard. I know that I dont like really bright highs.  I'm looking in the sub 300 range.  I thought about going with skar's and they had good sensitivity #'s  but I see mixed reviews.  So I'm still looking.  I looked a jl's but they have mixed reviews.  

Sub/s... so I'm not sur if I want to go with a ported box or a sealed enclosure. As luck would have it I happen to have both. 

10"kicker 300w 4ohm ported  I think it's a shallow mount of some sort. 

2 10"  street scene  in a sealed enclosure.  I have to open the up to see what they really are. But the plan is to put one in a appropriate sized box.

Anyways I can use the 2 to help me figure out which sounds the best with the music that I listen to.  The box size will be an issue for my truck  but I have plans to build a nice enclosure that incorporates a large shelf/platform for the back.. but I need to know what will sound good first.

I know that they will probably preform differently but it should help me get on the right track. 

Thanks for reading my rambling I'd love to hear any suggestions for equipment and configurations. It's been hard to find simple setups. Everyone is all about using multiple amps and dsp's  and going full active . But I don't think that I need that with these vehicles. 

And any tip on cheap sound deadening would be appreciated too. 


Thanks again. 

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What other's are about, should have no bearing on what you do.  Your vehicle, your ears.

Nothing wrong with going with a prebuilt component set, if you enjoy it, and it fits your budget and install.  Using a 4 channel amp is a great thought.  Pretty sure someone just posted one of those RF p600x4 amps in the classifieds on this forum.

I personally liked the Kenwood h/u I had over the pioneer one.  But again, that's me, and my opinion.


This I think would be a good unit.

As for components, what size do you need?  And steer clear of anything skar.

I would suggest looking at some of the sets sold through the SSA store.  They carry good quality brands you can trust.  There's an NVX set on there for $120 that would probably be quite good for the dollar/value.

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Ditto on buying the RF amp used on this forum.  I've bought lots of stuff here and always had great results.


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