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Mazda CX-5 New build

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I'm looking to upgrade my new 2021 Mazda CX-5 6 speakers version (non-Bose).

I was thinking about 6.5" Component at front and 6.5 Coxial/Mid Bass at the rear doors, connected to a 4 Channel Amp and JBL Basspro Hub at the spare tire ( I don't want to lose space at the boot).

Now, it's a bit tricky to know which speakers will fit at the doors as I couldn't find any documentation of depth compatibility for the Mazda CX-5 online. Does anyone know ?

Also, without knowing the exact size can you recommend any setup for a very clear & crisp sound without compromise ? originally I was thinking to go with:

Front Component:JL Audio C2-650C / Hertz Mille MPK 165.3 Pro / Focal PS165 FSE
Rear Coxial: JL Audio C2-650X / Kicker CSC65 / Cervin Wega V465
Amp: JL Audio JD 400/4 / Alpine X-A70F / Focal Impulse 4.320
Sub: JBL Bass Pro HUB 11"

Would love any input you guys have,


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Looks like it's time to open the door grab your trusty tape measure and do some investigation/planning.  

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Being a Mazda fan, from experience, I am going to suggest you add some sound deadening to the install too.

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