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    I figured I might as well start a build log on this one as it will be my first build that has some effort put into it and not just slapping things together to get something that sounds like music. This is my daily driver and will probably be ever-changing. For now, I am trying to keep it simple and as close to factory as I reasonably can. 22" VCT Scarface plastidipped and wrapped in 305/45 rubber. 2" drop in the rear with Bilsteins all around. Majority of the chrome has been plastidipped, only the grill strip remains. Front door windows tinted to match factory privacy glass. I'll have to get some better photos when the wind and dust dies down and I get some time to wash it up. Audio details to follow in the next few days.
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    Hey everyone! haven't had a build long in a while. Last one on here was the 2 FI BTLS wall that was in my mustang. Have a new build coming along soon! SAY HELLO inst she gorgeous Picked her up about 2 weeks ago and already planning stuff. currently have a ZV4 15'' on order and waiting for it to arrive. Also have 4 SA-8 V2's in my room along with (2) 100.4 amps for the mids and highs and (1) 2500V2 for the subs. For the mids and highs im going to be running 2 sets of Image dynamics 6.5 and 2 sets of Image dynamics 6X9s. Still don't know what kind of box design to run tho. The trunk has potential! < 15 cu. ft. Any ideas? was looking into a clamshell type design
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    Dont know if i calculated this correctly. Using multiple subs and a bigger enclosure is making everything hard to calculate. This is everything i plugged into the calculater. Trying to stick to around 20 sq inches per Cubic feet so in total i would have 160sq inches for 12 subs in a 9 cubic feet box. Port is 28 tall, 6 inches wide, and 35 inches long for a 32 hz tuning. At least that is what the calculator tells me. Any input? sound about right?
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    Here are the other two videos I got that day.
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    Update: UPS delivered me my other 6 subs that i ordered. I also picked up an XS battery, as well as made an amp rack in preperation for my other 3 amps i will be getting soon. Enjoy
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    Upcoming design im thinking about giving a shot. not to scale or anything, just a rough estimate of what im thinking.
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    Attended my first bass race last week and ended up scoring this on completely stock electrical.
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    Last Teasers before the official video demo.
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    Will try and get some good quality vids up. For now teasers will have to due until i can find a place to demo and record with my camcorder.
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    For those tuned into the builds here is a current update.
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    Thanks guys, I really like the look I have going so far. I just ordered some black housing headlights and parking lights tonight so that should finish up the front as the tails are already painted/tinted. I eventually want to get to a fab shop and get my bumper horns dropped so I can get the silverado HD hood, grill and bumper cap. I absolutely love HD Tahoes. Here are some side shots as requested.
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    AND is the word you're looking for.
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    Closer shot and final picture for now.
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    After installation. Looks great Imo
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    For Size comparison. New>Old
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    Progress update. New enclosure and another SA-8.V2 + A new toy.
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    Still waiting on my ZV.4 15'' so i thought in the mean time i could have at least SOME bass while i wait. The texts i wrote apply to the picture(s) above it. . . Decided to go with 2 SA-8 V2's Power Run 1/0 gauge Pretty heavy stuff To give you an idea Time for some Terminals Vise always works for me Starting the run All nice and neat Ground on the frame Awesome brother putting in the box with the subs Almost done AND... We have bass!!
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    What do you guys think of the box design?
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    Well. looks like a little change of plans. The dash ONLY has tweeters even though it looked like there were 2 speakers per grill. Guess the premium sound system platform came with 2 per grill. The tweets look like 1 inch im guessing. Dont know the size of the center Dash speaker or what its used for. doesnt seem to be playing anything...
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